Drink to Mizzou

My suspicion is that Drink or his agent wanted more years, more money or more buyout (or all of the above) than HY was willing to offer, in light of a program that fired two coaches in 23 months. Odom at least got four years at Misery, although he was whacked with a .500 record. Morris would still be here if he’d been anywhere near .500.

I’m happy for Drink .

I’ve seen where some of the App St players are thankful he’s leaving. Pretty surprising, honestly.

That’s typical with a breakup. You love them while you are together, but the minute they dump you, you come up with excuses why you are glad they’re gone.

It’s the same thing we heard with CCM. Except the media members have confirmed it.

Haha might be the only time those players in there lifetime have a chance to win 13 games in a season…sour grapes