Friday’s game may get ugly early if they play like they are against Vandy. Nice turnaround from earlier in the year.

They have built their streak on the backs of the weak. Just look at that lineup of losers, quitters and light weights. Not a decent team in the bunch. If we can play with the same energy and fire we played with today, we can go down to the wire with them only to lose a heartbreaker.

Hope you are right, I have visions of long pass plays over our secondary and inability to run ball well enough to keep them off the field. Hard to lose to Mizzou like we have recently.

Maybe Bielema will do something he’s never done “somehow inspire and motivate the team” and we’ll somehow beat Mizzou, give the next coach a win streak to start building on.

Yep. Lock was 10-25 passing yesterday. If we shut down the run, we should have a decent chance against them on Friday. IF.