Mizzou would have taken UK to the wire...

if they had just shot FTs like they did against us. As it was, they had their chances. Likewise, I doubt Mizzou could have held us off shooting 60% from the line. Colorful language of your choice.

The fact that Calipari can do a coaching flop to draw a T and have it change the officiating in a hostile gym is beyond annoying. You get the feeling that it is the basketball equivalent of a “Sicilian message” to the refs. We’re Kentucky.

The free throw line killed them! That was not a normal night for Missouri. There should have been an eclipse! Tonight though their one steady big man had a horrible night when he got his shot off! He could not throw it the ocean.
Missouri could play us 10 times and they might win 2 out of 10!
It hurt they were paying tribute to a coaches baby girl battling cancer that put emotion in the building. I’d by divine intervention it helps that that baby praise God for that baby girl! My heart goes out to her and her family. That issue to me is bigger than any ball game.
Missouri doesn’t shot like that very often and it happened against us. If they would have that type of performance tonight they would have won! It would have been horrible for the SEC. I hate Kentucky got get me wrong but we did not need Missouri to win! It was a good game and shows Cal is not anything special as a coach. We also need South Carolina to get back to winning. We need Florida to get beat by Kentucky and us to win out. That’s our best shot. Or for us and Alabama both to win out.

Making 21 2-point baskets and shooting 66% from that range was the main reason why Missouri beat Arkansas.

But their 23-29 at the free throw line showed a level of focus. They also hit 77% against Vanderbilt when beating the Commodores by 20 points.

The Tigers hit 77% at the line on the road against Tennessee. They were 14-23 last night.

Against Kentucky, Missouri missed 36 field goal attempts and got only seven offensive rebounds. Rebounding was an issue for them against us too; only Arkansas forced them to miss only 26 shots.

It wasn’t just how many they missed but also when they missed them. Puryear, a career 78% free throw shooter, kept bricking FTAs that could have kept game pressure on Kentucky and kept the crowd in it. Likewise, as they were holding us off, Mizzou didn’t miss a free throw in the second half until only 20 seconds were remaining. That kept us at arms length behind by two and three possession leads. Sure, we played lousy in many aspects, but that can be the difference in escaping with a win and disaster.