Mizzou will light us up ....

According to CFN, Mizzou will light us up in the air. Their prediction is Mizzou beats us through the air. Our secondary had better be ready. Coach Rhodes earns his pay check this week.

You didn’t provide a link and I haven’t read it, yet. But, for each game, CFN’s format is (in this example): “Why Mizzou will win”, (with how MO could win) followed by “Why Arkansas will win” (with how Arkansas could win) followed by their actual prediction.

I bet you just read the “Why MO will win” part. I doubt they pick MO with them probably losing Crockett and coming off 60+ points allowed at Tenn and us scoring almost 60 at Tennessee.

I could be wrong, though…

My apologies. I was wrong. That’s a bold pick. MO is a 9-point dog that just looked like dogs (on defense) and they lost one of their most productive players.

Fwiw, I think they picked us to beat Bama and one other big upset that didn’t happen so maybe they have some Arkansas fatigue.

http://collegefootballnews.com/2016/ark … me-preview

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://collegefootballnews.com/2016/ark … me-preview”>http://collegefootballnews.com/2016/arkansas-vs-missouri-prediction-game-preview</LINK_TEXT>

No apologies needed. They are going off the we have won and lost on alternating games. This one is a loss alternating game.

After a slow start, CFN has warmed up on the Hogs, hitting 4 straight. We’ll see. :sunglasses:

That one statement is true. I also think that Allen and his band of receivers will do the same.

It may come down to which QB makes the critical mistakes and at what point in the game they occur. Austin will avoid the mistakes, IMO.

I think it will be a high scoring game, but I think Arkansas would have to make a lot of mistakes to lose to Missouri. I think the Razorbacks’ offensive and defensive lines will be the difference.