Mizzou team loses undefeated season for umpire call not touching home

did he or did he not?

Really too hard to tell unless you got a real close up of home plate but that did not ruin an undefeated season because they lost the first game of the year to Oklahoma State

I don’t think this is Mizzou

Some other Missouri team

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Oh I see that now …thanks

Mizzou Science and Technology

Mizzou Science and Technology student and can’t find home plate… the plate needs to be laser backlit.

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Formerly Missouri-Rolla. For some reason when I was in high school, MO-Rolla absolutely filled up my mailbox; I’d get two or three letters or brochures or whatever a week trying to get me to consider going to school there. Never gave it the slightest consideration, but they get an A for effort and an F for wise expenditures of their recruiting budget.

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Probably because of your board scores. Enrollees at UMR (now MUS&T) have always had the highest average board scores of any school in Missouri (other than WUSTL). The vast majority of students at MUS&T are STEM majors.

Probably. Somebody told me I had the third highest PSAT score in the state that year (I don’t even remember what I made) and I was getting stuff from all kinds of schools well before I actually took my SAT in late October of my senior year. The PSAT got me a National Merit Scholarship, which was a whopping $500, but it also got me invited to a barbecue at Winrock Farms (the Rockefeller Foundation funded my scholarship).

This also happened in the USC-Auburn game yesterday. USC had what would have been the go-ahead run called off in the ninth because of it. The game ended in a 12-12 tie.

I had a National Merit Scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation as well. I think I got something like $900

Of course, tuition at UA was only $240 per year no matter how many hours you took

And went to a barbecue at Winrock Farms.
What year did you graduate HS?


I’m one year older

You got more money than I did, Scott. I remember Dad saying, “is that all?” I think that $500 largely went for my lovely 6th-floor flat at Yocum Hall.

I think it would be fair to say Dad was rather frustrated at the lack of interest his alma mater showed in getting me to attend. Places like Michigan State and Tulane were offering me big scholarships and UA offered squat. The $500 was my only financial aid.

Fortunately Clay’s brother Butch hired me at SIO which ended up paying my tuition and books for the last 4 years, and Dad could take some of the money he’d put aside for school and buy me a (cheap) new car.

we had a bargain for going to school in the1970s…my freshman year(74/75)i remember Dad paying $110.00 a month for room and board which included the 20 meal a week deal at Borroughs? Commons…think textbooks were another 100 or so(Political Science major) and seems like $10.00 an hour was the fee per class…so around 1500-2000 a year back then…it has been almost 50 years so i may have the figures wrong

Brough, sounds like Bruff.

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Or, as we called it, Barf.

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I’m pretty sure tuition was $240 per semester when I was a Freshman, for as many hours as you wanted to bite off. It was pro rated if you took less than 12, which was considered part-time

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