Mizzou/Porter Jr

Well, so much for Mizzou’s renaissance this year. Just saw that Michael Porter Jr is out for 3-4 months. He played all of 2 or so minutes this year. Mizzou may be the one school with worse luck than we have.

The good news is they still have his totally qualified dad as an assistant coach.

Yep, Karma works in mysterious ways.

I don’t think they will make the NCAA tournament. Conzo does the least with more talent than every coach in America minus "GreaseBall " Cal.
I’d like to see Kentucky Miss the dance too!

I live about an hour from Columbia. News just said “he MAY return this year, but I doubt it.” Sucks to be Missery

The news gets even better.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … der-season”>http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/21505145/missouri-freshman-forward-michael-porter-jr-likely-miss-remainder-season</LINK_TEXT>

Too bad for the kid. This pretty much kills Mizzou’s dream. Again, too bad.

Did this injury occur during the first game? I haven’t seen what caused this back injury.

Surgery is a huge risk for a kid this age. Yes the recovery is long and painful with out surgery but odds of getting better are high. With surgery the odds of getting better aren’t that much greater, just possible to heal quicker with surgery maybe, but back surgery has major potential downsides too. Ask Steve Kerr.


I think they brought in another good freshman who is playing, and they do have some guys back who are okay players. So they will be quite a bit better than last year even without Porter.

Happened in practice after the Kansas exhibition game. The highlights from that game will be all the Mizzou people will ever have of him!

Comments: regardless this young man is loaded with pro-ball skills sets. If the back surgery is deemed successful he will go very high in the first round in this up coming NBA draft. it doesn’t make sense for him to come back and run the risk of re-injuring that back again, he’s gone

Tilmon is an impressive frosh at center, and Mizzou was quite competitive after February last season. They won’t be a pushover but may not have enough to get to the NCAAT in this year’s SEC.

SEC is going to be brutal. Possibly every team is top-75 good with at least 5 in the top-40. I won’t be surprised if 12 or 13 wins grabs a share of the regular season crown.

I get the drama surrounding Porter, his dad and Missouri Columbia.

But you have to feel bad for the kid. A back injury is tough. Hope he recovers 100% and goes on to a lucrative pro career.

Response: interesting that word Karma, you may have a point as it relates to Mizzou. Although I feel it definitely applies to the UA football program and coach BB. I remember 5seasons ago CBB first year at the helm presided over a QB competition between a 5yrs senior and a red shirt sophomore, this 5year senior was very active within the athletic programs he even helped Mike out one season in other words he did everything the athletic programs asked him to do. As it relates to this particular competition I say it was closed down prematurely, and the red shirt sophomore was rewarded the starting QB position, the upset 5yrs senior transferred out to another school. Yea, speaking of bad Karma now looking back those 5yrs chips are now falling all around, the AD was terminated a while back a person whom I respected, CBB, well I’m no soothsayer but I don’t see him surviving this ordeal with his W-L conference record being as it is.

Football and Karma, and you’re not even mentioning the Tweet, kudos

You think he failed, here, because he picked Brandon Allen over Brandon Mitchell and that was karma?

Comments: I believed CBB made a bad decision by closing the competition process so early so yes you can say he failed or made a bad mistake. I saw the Red & White game and there wasn’t anything that stood out to award the starting QB position over to Allen a redshirt sophomore and it was clear he wasn’t ready to hold his own within SEc play until his senior year mid-ways through conference play. Although hindsight showed in Mitchell’s case he shouldn’t allowed emotions to get in the way, especially when you have to make a critical decision. If Mitchell hadn’t decided to leave the program he would have been rewarded the QB position after all, due to Allen’s incurred injuries and stability, although I do understand why he left since he wasn’t recruited by BB.

The Karma was the offense that was rendered against the 5th year senior , who did everything the athletic Programs asked him do, at least he deserved the competition process to continue until you had a clear cut winner. Otherwise it is was interpreted the competition process was shut down intentionally

So we’ve hijacked this thread from Michael Porter Jr. to Brandon Allen???