Mizzou perspective on the defection of Brazile to Hogs


This is a good point. Everyone that said “lil’ ol’ Arkansas” can’t compete in the NIL game is a damn fool. If you are a sports fan in Arkansas, you are a Razorback fan…period. No pro teams to compete with for entertainment dollars.
And…there are A LOT of rich business owners that love the Hogs. NIL just put a bazooka in our hands and leveled the playing field. A
sleeping giant no longer slumbers, and is ready and equiped to kick a$$ and take names!
Go Hogs!


I’m pretty sure I pointed out a time or two that we have some resources in this state that Alabama and Tennessee and, yes, Misery can’t match, that could come into play in an NIL environment. Especially since we focus on one school, one team, and they don’t.


If I was NIl donor, it is a good time to invest in state athletic program. Unity from A D to all coaches and efforts produce a product worthy of support. Capital flows where it is appreciated and that would be case here. If I was donor, I would also want to channel and control my fund support to keep focus on intent and individuals. I think that is where some schools like LSU and Auburn fail. Everyone wants something for their buck,

This is and always has been the most important asset the UA has. It is essential we maintain it if we want to be successful


You have converted me, Chip. I really don’t care if we play UALR, UCA, or UAPB, but I would NEVER play ASU in any sport…especially after how Balado claimed he was being bullied into a game with us during Covid.
I had no idea of the level of douchebaggery that exists in Jonesboro, but now that I have seen it, I hope HY tears up that 2025 contract in football and they go back to being ASWho. And I wouldn’t be mad if we took their Sun Belt POY off their hands in the wake of Balado’s mass exodus.
Go Hogs!


Man I am from Jonesboro there is plenty to go around. Really no different playing asu than playing Memphis or even Tulsa. Losses to all three hurt equally bad so we just need to go win.

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Losing to Hofstra & Vandy still sucks too.

Disagree. A loss to ASU would be worse than one to Memphis or Tulsa. What’s worse is that even a close win isn’t good.


Won’t hurt us in the least bit. Our facilities and money dwarf asu.

The game is good for state and, quite frankly, I figure HY got out in front of legislators who were about to force games between all schools to help the bottom lines.


Hit that nail again, and again, and again. We lose just by playing them.


Back to the original article, here is what I like.

NOBODY is recruiting like Alabama and Arkansas!!

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True. But that’s in large part BECAUSE we dominate the state. Reduce that dominance and eventually other gaps close.

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My position is and shall remain, if ASU builds their own program into something worth paying attention to, I don’t mind playing them. That isn’t happening, and they want us to give them a hand up. Louisville made it impossible for Kentucky to avoid playing them by winning a natty and becoming an elite program. Call me when ASU does anything elite.

Weird thing is, I still remember when ASU had an elite track program that produced Olympians (Earl Bell and Thomas Hill, whose son played basketball with Christian Laettner at Dook), and the Hogs sucked in track. Then we hired John McDonnell.


I agree. But being a hog fan, I don’t want that to happen. Also agree it’s not going to (unless we help them.)

I would say that NIL was a factor, but not one of the major ones in signing this class.

Muss and his assistants, their hard work, their NBA experience, their analytical approach all resonates with the prospects.

It is really something to see other team’s fans and even media crying foul now.


Agree with this assessment.

Yup, but not many saw it this way when NIL came to be, I seem to recall most said on this forum it was the end for us. We are the top overall athletic program in the SEC currently, KUDOS to HY.

Is this not the truth or what??

Better said than I could ever say, period…

Have UAPB, UCA, and UALR done something elite? If we can play UAPB in football (twice), we can play ASU or UCA. An advantage of playing ASU over the others is that beating them counts as an FBS win, rather than an FCS win. ASU can also be had for a lower payday than most other FBS teams (because they want to play Arkansas). The Arkansas coaches in the other sports have had no reluctance in playing in-state schools, particularly in mid-week games. It has made scheduling much easier.