Mizzou on probation

Somebody (might have been the Post-Dispatch) talked to KB’s personal trainer who said KB would stick with Misery. Since he’s enrolled there now I don’t think he can transfer again. The grad transfer exemption is gone.

This was my first thought when I heard about the sanctions and Bowl ban. Why should he move? He will still be the starter, in an offense well-suited to showcasing his skills for the NFL. And he’d probably not opt to play in a Bowl (if they qualified) anyway.

I never figured he’d change his mind on Missouri. And, as some have pointed out, he might not want to play in the bowl game anyway. For a guy trying to get ready for the combine, it’s a time to rest a worn out body from 12 games and practices and then get with a personal trainer/QB tutor. By the way, his QB tutor now is Garrick McGee. I hear good things about what McGee has done at Missouri.