Mizzou on probation

Football, baseball, and softball all take hits


I wonder if a certain QB was warned about this being possible?


Looks like KB will actually play his last game at Arkansas after all!

:lol: :lol:

Oh poor Mizzery!

I will say this…if KB or Nance had no inkling of this or any of the recruits before they signed then SHAME on Mizzery and their coaches and athletic department. Oh well, have fun with that Mizzery!!! Despise them if you can’t tell, along with Ole Piss!!!

Also makes one wonder what it might do to our chances of potentially snagging their D Line coach now too??? Things that make you go hmmmmmm???

This makes me so happy

I’ve seen reports that KB is considering transferring

Those just popped up on my phone as well. Wonder if Nance follows him out the door too?

I’ve said before how I’ve had family attend the school. I’m telling you guys, that school is involved in more trouble than most people realize from politics to their sports teams. They sold out to hire a CBB coach to get one player and that backfired. Now, they did God knows what to land Bryant and the kid from TCU and it looks like that might backfire. This isn’t the only thing, I promise you that.

My son goes there now, a lot of good kids there, and a lot of good professors. Problem is, like most schools, the athletic department and what they are or are not allowed to get away with (admin, coaches, and athletes themselves).

Agreed, my comment wasn’t meant to implicate the students, but I’ve heard stories not just of athletics but certain departments as well.

I won’t disagree with that

May see an influx of players transferring then. I would bet Bryant or Nance knew nothing about this.
You get what you “pay” for.

My question is would Bryant want to transfer anyway? The trend that seems to be gaining steam is if you have a good shot at the NFL then if you’re not in a major bowl games, those guys don’t play in the bowl anyway. Mizzou does have some good WR returning, so I’m not sure he’ll actually want to transfer.

I don’t disagree with you on that, plus I’m sure most coaches know what he did to AR, just blowing off the meeting and not saying anything. A lot of those coaches may look at it as not wanting a “me first” player.

Doesn’t the 2 year bowl ban mean any Jr or Sr on the team can transfer to another D-1 school without having to sit out a year? If so, our coaches should scour their roster (OL and LBs especially), then put a hold on 2019 recruiting for now. Might strike gold in our most needed categories.

I am not a Missouri hater, have historically thought well of the school and the state. However, it has seemed to me that the University and the state have been on a downhill slide for some time.

Wish them well.

The postseason bans are only for one year. They refer to the 2018-2019 year for baseball and softball, and the 2019-2020 year for football.

Who do they think they are? North Carolina?