Mizzou not going to be an easy series

I think it’s very easy to think since we’re ranked number 10 and they are unranked an lost 5 games that we will just roll over them.
But if you look at their schedule they are on a roll just smoked are Arkansas State 16 to 1 and 14 to 4 and have been putting a lot of runs on the board. They have 3 very good left-handed starters Sikemma(preseason AA and beat Vandy and MSU last yr has a 0.46 era 19 innings and 25 strikeouts the other is a juco has a 2.91 21 innings and 33 strikeouts so they obviously have swing and miss stuff. They have another in Laplante who had sub 3 ERA last yr. it’s going to be a close series could be low scoring we don’t need to lose any games to them but it’s not going to be as easy as some would think. they 5 starters hittng over .345 and 3 of them are over …375

A few comparisons: Arkansas is 2-1 versus the top 100 in Nolan’s RPI. Missouri is 4-2 against the top 100. Arkansas’ SOS is #120 while Missouri’s is #226. Neither team has played a lot of good competition, Louisiana Tech is the best opponent either team has played (The Hogs were 2 of 3 against La Tech). Arkansas has played a strongly oriented home schedule thus far, resulting with 3 fewer losses. Batting averages are similar, while Arkansas’ ERA is 1/2 run less.

On paper, Arkansas is the better team, but maybe not vastly better. Playing at home will help.

This is a good chance for Arkansas to win some SEC games; and they’ll need these.

I think Missouri looks like one of the most winnable SEC series of the season for Arkansas - maybe the most winnable because it is at home.

Fridays game will feature 2 of the best Pitchers in the country both are just outstanding DVH very impressed by Sikemma their ace.

I hope you’re right Matt but they come in hot winning 9/10 and 3 very tough LH pitchers.we will have to be on our game with the bat and not blow any runner on 3rd less than 2 out opportunities.We need the sweep but not going to be easy IMO.

Should we forfeit now or nah?

I’m looking forward to it! You can’t get any better than you currently are without playing better teams. Missouri isn’t the strongest SEC team but they are better than most of the teams we’ve played.
The LHP is just a part of the game to overcome. Don’t get worried about it too much.

Oh I’m not worried about it at all just making a point that this is a very good baseball team. They are better than I thought they were going to be. They will be the best starting staff we’ve seen. I look forward to seeing how we hit the ball against these guys.

Just messing with you. Better be ready for them all. You can get your butt kicked in this league, easily, just about any weekend.

I expect we will have huge crowds and win at least 2 of 3.

The main reason I made post is I didn’t think they were very good until I started looking at their Stats and was surprised at what I saw. I like our pitching and think we can hold them off to possibly sweep but we must win at least 2/3.you are correct are no weaknesses in this division it’s incredible!

I’m anxious to see our pitching match up aginst their lineup. Also seeing how we respond at the plate. One thing for sure DVH will use the stop watch and run if he thinks he for a shot to grab another bag.

They are definitely not a team to overlook! Their Friday night guy, Sikkema, is the real deal, and Kameron Misner is good enough to hit off of anybody. I think it is our most winnable SEC series, but I think that says as much about the teams in the SEC as it does Missouri. They aren’t bad at all. Baseball is always a funny game where even a bad team can beat a good team on the right day. We won’t face any bad teams on the weekends from now on, so we’ve got to go take care of business. Should be a good series to watch.

Yes econo that is my point Missouri is the best team we have played and they are the least of the teams we have to play in the conference.yes there Friday night guy is by far the best pitcher we’ve seen and Mizner is an absolute stud it will take our very best to win the series.

I wouldn’t be willing to crown Missouri the best team in the east! The hogs get them at Baum and the hogs just need to play a solid game. Let’s hope Campbell has a repeat of his first start last season in conference play against Kentucky.
Win them one at a time. I’m confident the hogs can win all of the confercne series at home! The road is a difference Story.
This young Razorback team has talent.
The hogs have more speed than I can ever remember. The defense is suspect at times with players out of position. The offense isn’t hitting on all cylinders but it’s early.
I can’t remember a season where 2 days before conference play was set to begin I was wondering what pitchers would make the roster! Freshmen are the story line.
Wicklander, Noland, and a few more. The come back for Kevin Kopps is so much fun to watch. The success Cody Scroggins had with his start and win shows where hard work and determination will take you in baseball and in life.
We are lucky and have a great mentor for our hogs and he knows baseball with DVH as our head coach.

This team seems to be gaining more and more confidence and finding out where all the pieces should fit… at home let’s pound on Mizzou and get on to next week.

From what I saw, Sikemma is not pitching until Saturday. See Matt’s post in another thread.

Yes they have decided to throw him Saturday which to me is not a bad decision because they can somehow beat us Friday they got their ace go against our freshman.