Mizzou needs to get it together

They are headed for a bad loss.

Terrible loss by Mizzou. Ole Miss looked like a possible tourney team until they got trucked at home by a bad Mistake team over the weekend. No excuses for Mizzou either. They had Tillman and their entire team. The Hogs just need to take care of business at home this week and avoid a letdown at SCAR. I think we can do it! Go Hogs!

Now we are going to hear the SEC Network folks asking Lunardi about Ole Miss for 3 weeks.


We already were until they got Bulldogged at home Saturday.

We will definitely get 6 in. If we get 7 it will be ole miss for sure.
Ole Miss
The bottom two could flip flop but 7 gets this group in. Not sure what it’s going to take to get 7 in but I’d say the bottom 2 can’t lose anymore games and/or make a sect run.

SEC is very weak this year. Even weaker than last year. If SEC gets six in, what does it say about college basketball 2020-21? Weaaaaaaaak!

I disagree. Last year our conference ranked 5th in NET. This year 2nd. Not sure where you are getting your information but I’d be interested in giving it a look.


I can never tell if it’s a strong year or a weak year. How would you know this year? Outside of the SEC/Big 12, there is nothing to really compare. Missouri isn’t great, but it beat Illinois and that’s the basis for so much love in all of the ratings for it.

And Bama

The conference looks pretty good to me, overall. It’s an odd year, but I definitely think we can hold our own with any conference this year. I mean, granted, Kentucky has a miserable record, but I’m still happy we got the win and got the heck out of town before they remembered that they have talent.

Other than Alabama and Arkansas, no other team looks like a tournament team that can beat any seed lower than 12, That kind of lines up with those being the only two teams that are ranked.

Well, aTm canceled their game with them, COVID issues, so they won’t lose that game.

I think that’s a little harsh on MO. They have a 6-3 quad 1 record. Those 6 wins have them tied for 4th in the country in total quad 1 wins. Clearly MO has a match up problem with OM. They’ve also caught OM’s 2 best games they’ve played this year. I think Bama, Hogs, and MO have good shots at the 2nd week-end in the NCAA tourney, depending on the draw, of course.

LSU may be the most talented team in the SEC, but I don’t think they can get out of their own way 2 games in a row. One night, they could beat any team not named Gonzaga, while losing to any of 200 NCAA basketball teams the next game.

TN is a real head scratcher. So talented and playing so well early in the season. I think they have an excellent head coach, but he may have brought on this big drop in team performance when he elevated the 2 freshmen to starters over the experienced players. They just don’t seem to be as cohesive a team as they were before the starters were changed up.


There is something very Fishy going on college station , Their other sports are playing. The SEC needs investigate and exclude them from the SEC tournament .

Valid point. Dodging. It looks like protecting the coaching staff from a bad losing year. If we can’t win, we just wont play.

You are right about Missouri’s record. But I am referencing how they are playing now.

It would seem there is a big time swinedemic in College Station. One gathers
that the thought of playing the Hogs makes them break out in chills and fever, and it will cost a lot for them to get rid of that Buzzing in their ears.

All the masks in the SE Texas area can’t hide their fear.

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