Mizzou LB talking trash . . . might be time to "bring dat wood" again . . .

Ar-Kansas . . . really??

http://www.columbiatribune.com/sports/b … user-share

I like it where he said they will “dominate” us.

Hope this is put on the bulletin board and we just pound them into submission. I can see us scoring as many points or more than last week. We will shut this punk up. :lol:


I’m sure after playing a century of inconsequential games vs Kansas

Arkansas would be a worthy opponiant

His use of the term "AR-Kansas"is simply a Pavlovian response

Ark fans should never acknowledge Mizzou as a rivial - donot legitimize this SEC Astroturf game

Just give the SEC the middle finger win the game and move on to the bowl game

After all as soon as the Big XII breaks up Mizzou will go back to Chiefs Statium and play “Kansaw”

I guess he does not that Coach Les Miles of LSU started in on that “AR’Kansas” crap before the game in 2007 (I think that was the year) and the Hogs went into Baton Rouge and took care of business. I think after the game was over it was back to Arkansas, like I think I made them mad. so they whipped us.

I hope RWIII looks like DMAC in that game bs LSU so long ago

This Oline continues to mature and sync together and we will see the Razorback team we hoped for - red bulldozers

Hence, my reference to “dat wood”, Fuzzy…it was after that 2007 game, while HDN was doing his post game TV interview that DMac came over and said “I got day wood right here…it isn’t ‘Ar-Kansas’…it’s ARKANSAS”.

Yeah…players notice things like that…,