Mizzou Had It Figured Out

The scouting report told us they shoot the threes, they are good at making Free-throws and rebound well as a team. They shot ten threes to five of ours, they attacked and drew fouls and made 27 of 33 at the line, and outrebounded us 37 to 25; 11 of witch on offensive board. Apparently, we did not pay attention to their strength. One item that did not show on scouting report was Jontay Porter and Tillmon. Porter’s skills down low and away from basket created an inside-outside game that gave them easy scoring and drawing fouls. We simply could not overcome that. Every time we closed in, they found a way to the line. Offensively, they slowed down our big two and defended Gafford, we had to scratch and claw for every point, while they were eating our lunch at the line. We did not play a smart game.

I am not sure we ever pay attention to other teams strengths


Coach has the approach we are gonna do it our way and they have to adapt to us.

I realize today would not have been the time for the zone, as well as they shoot the three. But the traps and switches are mind boggling.

And we foul constantly

I think we beat them once this season with the same coach. Is my memory serving me bad?

That game was a predictable college basketball result. I never thought we were going to win it and didn’t look forward to watching it. The refs made sure that another SEC team was securely in the NCAAT. One team was allowed to be more physical than the other on defense, and Mizzou got a peak performance from Porter the Younger. That happens at home. Matchup wise, that game was a tossup in Columbia, and all the emotional factors favored Mizzou. I’m glad it’s done. On to the postseason.

Your point is what?

We beat them at home when they missed a three at the buzzer. That makes it okay to keep playing to another teams strenghts at their home? To keep playing a style which parades them to the foul line when it is obvious that is the way the game is called? I think most people realize you sometimes have to adapt a different approach on the road. Or adapt to the way a game is being called.

In this modern age of sports, Individual or team are all separated from one another by small margins to win or lose. Due to human limits, strategy and planning are critical in that regard. We know we have some good talent coming in the next couple years. We should also know that our opponents are getting just as good a talent as well. We are in an arms race that arms alone are not going to get it done. people have used the MS ST. formula against us successfully this year. This is by design and not accidental. You can beat a better team by some planning and strategy considering their strength and weaknesses.

I disagree about the Zone and how well they shoot the three. Their bigs were having fun as they were getting open looks from our switches and traps. Their big’s success opened the door for them to use the inside out passes to open 3’s because our gaurds were sagging down too far when the ball went into their bigs. The Zone would have limited their bigs and limited the inside out passing game that opens up 3s. The zone could have helped improve rebounding. We couldn’t have used the zone a lot but it would have disrupted their flow and then go back to man without traps or man with traps.

My sentiments exactly. I never got upset during the game because I never believed we would win it. For all of the above reasons.

I don’t ever like to see the hogs get beat! Especially when the free throw line decides a game. It wasn’t just fouls that went Missouri way. The walk could have been called all day on Tillman and the younger Porter and it wasn’t. One get your players beat upon like a drum with no call and you touch the other team and the whistles blows that is complete garbage. At times yesterday it apeared Missouri should have just issued uniforms to the refs. We had players hit while shooting all game long and shot 15 free throws the entire game.
I watch every game again after it’s over and at least 7 obvious fouls by Missouri on Hogs players while shooting was simply not called. Macon late in the game was fouled 2 times going to the hole and again when he put the ball in the basket and that’s one easy one to notice. Beard was knocked to the floor when he was driving and threw up an air ball no call. Gafford was pushed all game long. I’m sick of seeing the free throw disparity in games. If your going to let in go on one end of the floor swallow the whistle, put it in your pocket or just leave it in the locker room!
Yesterday was just like the Moo U game earlier this year!
Missouri shot more free throws yesterday than were shot by both teams in other SEC games yesterday.
Missouri shot 33 free throws
Kentucky and Florida combined 30
Missouri made 27 free throws that’s pitiful.

And for the record, even though I didn’t get mad it always hurts to see the Hogs lose. You nailed it in this post. Even the guys on TV commented about 2 fouls on Macon driving to the hole. I do not know how Miike keeps himself from getting T’ed up more often. Home game officiating has been horrible. IMO