Mizzou Game - a question and a recommendation

Ok I’m out of state and I’m irritated at how little interest it has with other fans - LSzu game end of year affected other teams bowl alignments - Mizzou vs Arkansas has not had that impact

Questions: 1. Is the interest in Arkansas increasing? Being in KY I have lost a sense of where Arkansas fans are on this game

Recommendations to improve it?

My first recommendation is get rid of that trophy - the current trophy looks subconsciously like a hollow copy of the“boot” trophy (it only confirms how little thought the SEC put into it)

Last games of the year are games that people often remember - how do we make this a hype game so kids want parents watching them play in it?

To answer both your questions:

  1. It depends on which sport. For football, other than both teams wanting to win, I haven’t seen either fan base just go nuts with anticipation to play one another. In basketball however, because Mike Anderson coached at Mizzou at one time and in Mizzou’s mind left them in disarray, they are fired up about playing Arkansas and because of that has fired up our fan base a little more as well. But that’s the only major sport where I’ve seen that.

  2. Honestly, we just have to accept it. Let’s face it, as much as we saw LSU as our rival and had some very memorable games against them, LSU fans and their program NEVER saw us as their rival. I’ve lived in deep south Louisiana and can tell you this is a fact. Mizzou is no different. There are already elements there to make this a rivalry if both sides will just accept that reality. Otherwise, we will just have to accept that we don’t have a rivalry or just wait for the younger generation who knows nothing but Arkansas/Mizzou to carry that notion of a rivalry.

I think gradually the teams are getting into it a little more because it’s just like a division game, you see those guys every year, and familiarity does breed contempt. But I don’t see the game becoming a true rivalry game because Missouri does not care that much. They had exactly one rival historically-Kansas, and that was a bleed over from basketball. While they have a fairly large number of football fans, as a fan base they just don’t run that hot for football.

I think the LSU game means more to Arkansas players and fans than it ever has to LSU. They don’t think of Arkansas as a rivalry game, their rivals are Bama and Ole Miss. The last weekend of the season to them is just another division game, which may or may not be a big game. Their fans are going to show up because it’s an LSU SEC game, not because they think of the Hogs as rivals.

It can be a really tough game for LSU just because the Hogs are often more excited to play the game than the Tigers. But that does not make it a real rivalry game.

Good points

  1. I’m accepting it but don’t like it - but how do we make it better ?

I’m thinking a scandle like leaving the trophy on the field or the players giving it back to the SEC Rep to carry back to Alabama May create real news - still that gets attention - but probley would be used against us

  1. I can see how the basketball game would be more intense - I saw MSzu as a Rivial as long as Coach Sherrell was they he left - not really

  2. Yup - on Rivial s / I figure LSU wanted out of the Arkansas game because it’s how I see Mizzou - there is no upside in playing Arkansas as a “rivial” for LSU / just like there is no upside for Arkansas playing Mizzou as a “Rivial”. If you beat them you should have - if you don’t your program is diminished

  3. The point that a younger generation that doesn’t know any better will be able to embrace the game - that may help - still until the game has meaning where the outcome affects other people’s bowl hopes the game is doomed to be Mountain cousins simply wrestling for Undercard entertainment before the real games that matter begin

But that’s because I’m out for of state - if the game became big in Arkansas It would help me feel better about it - living out of state I can confirm no one gives a flip about Arkansas vs Mizzou -

This bringing TAMU into the conference was a negative for Arkansas

Somehow We got to change this -!but that requires winning

Win he SEC and it all gets better

All those years the Texass rivalry always meant a lot more to us than it did to them. With a few rare exceptions (12-6-69) OU was their big game of the year and A&M was often second. We were a team they had to beat to win the league, but they usually did, so no biggie. So in that way it’s no different than LSU. Corndogs want to beat Bummer and the Rebnecks, then we’re somewhere down the list.

I think Misery has potential, but it will take time and meaningful games. An insurance company and an oversized David Bazzel trophy can’t force it. It has to happen organically. That first game at Columbia, when we were pretty good and Misery was trying to win the East (which they did) was a good start.

I couldn’t care less about Missouri. Sure it could eventually build in to so egging, but when I think Mizzou, I am utterly apathetic.

As to the trophy, the SEC had nothing to do with it. David Bazzel designed it. He had already designed the Golden Boot and then did this one: Battle Line Rivalry Trophy Unveiled

Leave the trophy in a waste basket in the locker room.

First all, Marty and the rest of the good posters here

Please forgive my obsession with this topic - it’s unhealthy because the damage is done

I think it hooks me because IMHO
The SEC harmed Arkansas in this move and that really angers me and is unforgivable for me - the SEC is now an enemy to me - I could write a diatribe of wrings the SEc has done to Arkansas since joining the league - but will reframe from dredging up ghost of schedules and refs calls and non Calls that worked against Arkansas

As for the trophy

Who asked him to develop the trophy?

The SEC or is this a self inflicted injury?

Not that it matters much anymore this move by the SEC has given Arkansas a difficult task to over come -

Arkansas (and Mizzou - who didn’t want us either) has to make somthing out of a faux rivalry between two small market teams with no significant national impact

When it’s over - Arkansas lost more than it gained in this move by the SEC - so they harmed Arkansas - and there is nothing we can do about it - except like it and find a way to make it valuable

Again please forgive

I’ll try and reframe this to be more positive because my harping doesn’t help

It is what it is

Now we got to make it valuable - I just don’t see how it can be

Only hope I see - isv Arkansas wins so much the game is a laugher making the SEC look silly for pairing us with them

Arkansas cannot affird to labeled as an equal to Mizzou - that happens and the program has s affirmed to second or third tier status because the brandviscsomply regional - not national

Win so much Mizzou is simply a victory lap at the end of the season

David Bazzel’s main talent is promoting himself. Usually an oversized trophy is involved. The Boot, the Broyles Award, the Battle Line. Nobody asked him to do any of it. He did it himself then promoted it, and by extension himself.

I remember when Baz lived in the basement of a Little Rock medical clinic in exchange for doing promotional work for the doctor. He had no job and no income. I know about this because I did a clinical rotation with that doctor and found Baz asleep in the basement.

He may be a self promoter - who gave him permission to create the trophy ?

This whole thing stinks with fake ness we need to deep six this trophy - it’s cheap faux rivilary and it is laughable

Let’s play the game and let it grow organically over time into a rivalry

It’s offensive to tell us it’s a rivilary because the SEC says it is

Swine this isn’t directed against you - this is me working through what I see as an offensive slight against Arkansas

Not against the game - play it but it’s hilisrious and offensive how the SEC created this - they need to be honest

And say: “Sorry Arkansas - we know we told you to spend time, energy, treasure in creating a rivilary with a LSU to showcase at the end of year - but your not Bama - and we want TAMU in the conference -

We studied this and Mizzou and you are perfect for each other - fringe - 2nd tier programs that share a boarder - make somthing out of this - its for your good - trust us - we are the SEC “

My solution - kick SEC butt - reject the trophy - leave it in the field - allow the game to develop over time

My hope is no matter what happens

Arkansas wins so much that it is laughable the SEC gave us Mizzou to be measured by

The Missouri game just has no excitement. It is a real dud. It’s like one of those $20 fireworks you light and it goes ppfffff.

We apparently had to give up the LSU time slot. Somebody who knows please explain what happened.

We finally were building a nice rivalry in the SEC and we just had it taken away.

The LSU-A+M game has not been near the fun game the Arkansas-LSU game was.

The SEC made a mistake on this. Were we power-played on this and had no choice?

In the case of the Broyles award he did talk to Frank and asked if he could use his name for an award for assistant coaches. I have no idea who gave him the go-ahead for the boot or the battle line. Maybe he just went to the insurance company for that one

Good point but that is an end run and if it’s loose we are not obligated to keep it IMHO

The insurance company has a vested interest but thier interest isn’t ours and it helps the insurence company more than it helps us - it’s a dud - why keep it?

We need someone with balls to fix this and not like we did with WMS

Still no answer how it got approved - if the SEC didn’t approve why are we submitting to this?

You just can’t let go of this, can you? Obvious answer is that someone did eventually approve it, and it wasn’t the SEC, which doesn’t care about rivalry trophies (Alabama and Auburn don’t have one, Florida and Georgia don’t have one, Ole Miss and Moo U do). Boot has been around long enough that JFB would have signed off on it, and presumably the LSU AD at the time. Battle Line would have been Jeff Long, or maybe one of his marketing underlings.

EDIT: It seems there is a trophy for the Iron Bowl winner, called the Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy. And the student governments of UF and UGa have created something called the Okefenokee Oar to be awarded to the student body president of the Florida-Georgia winner, although it is not presented at the game itself. So I guess this rivalry trophy thing is growing, without SEC involvement.

Yup I’m stuck on it because Arkansas was placed in a less adventitious position
So your point that I can’t let it go - aka stuck - yup true - and yes I’ll try and contain myself -

You jest that the SEC didn’t frame this change - if the Sec didn’t put the screws to
Arkansas in this change - Did Jeff Long or some neferrious tweed UofA PTB do it?

No the SEC made this move
The trophy is a side bar

So I hate the SEC and we need to embarrass them back by simply winning and leaving the faux boot trophy the field

How to make it better?

Simply win and build Arkansas brand and it will be alright

That is going to be my mantra on this subject from now on

Simply win - build the brand and it will be alright

But be it Jeff Long participated in putting Ark in this bad position or the SEC did it too us - they should be held accountable and feel our displeasure

But yes - Arkansas needs to Win, build the brand and it will be alright -

I do miss the LSU Thanksgiving week game, but quite frankly, the new way ought to be better for Arkansas. We get to catch LSU the week after they have to play Alabama and after our week off. That hasn’t been an advantage in the past few years, but if we regain our competitive edge, then it should pay dividends. And then we get to end the season on a short week’s rest against a team we ought to be able to beat most years.

I like it

Just Win build the Brand it it will be alright

I continue to be confused on why you’re fixated that this rivalry or lack of rivalry is somehow a disadvantage. It’s a trophy nothing more nothing less. No one cares about it outside the fan bases of the two schools and probably a lot of people inside the fan bases of the two schools.

Don’t be confused - the decision hurt Arkansas

The trophy is simply a devise that ties us to the mediocrity of Mizzou - it’s simple - a trophy can brand you - a rival can brand you - Being measured by Mizzou as the SEC wants us to be only leaves us mediocre

So now

Simply win build the brand and it will be alright

Win build the brand and it will be alright