Mizzou Fans

are already talking like our game is going to be a cake walk for them. I’ve got lots of family that went there and I’ve seen some message boards saying Drinkwitz is going to scheme an offense to blow away our defense. I hope our players see and take notice of this. I want a trophy from somebody dangit!!!

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We haven’t been a cake walk for anyone this year. Fla maybe, but even that not so much. I sure as hell don’t see us being a cake walk for a mediocre mizzou team. Of course, if we have a bunch of people still missing from the game, that might make it a bit harder for us to win. I think it was the difference against LSU.

Well if Matt is right, Mizzou might be missing a lot people too.

Oh how I want this game. Badly…

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What did Matt say about Mizzou, Covid issues?

That Mizzou was short a lot of players too and almost didn’t play.

Mizzou has dominated the series in SEC play with a 5-1 advantage. Before that Arkansas won in Shreveport in 03 and Mizzou won in Dallas in 08.

Maybe they have inside info Marc Curles will be officiating, that’s worth 14 points

Shameful. Seriously.

Agree. Arkansas historically is a better program but not lately.

Well I am officially stating it here and now. We are on the road to being back!! One brick at a time my pilgrims. One brick at a time!" Somebody quoteworthy said that. Like Shakespeare!

It’s a lot more fun for the media when the Hogs do well. The past two years were brutal.


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