Mizzou bowl ban upheld

Missouri is ineligible for a bowl game even if it beats Arkansas on Friday.

I guess that could affect MU in either of two ways. They decide it’s not worth giving much effort now or they decide we’re their bowl game. Not sure it matters much. More depends on whether our team wants to play.

Now it’s a question of does either team want to play.

I guess that helps a little, but near enough to hold them under 40. We can’t score over 25 against air.

Players like Odom the coach and if he loses the game he is gone. Will players show up for him like they did when he got the got the job ? If it is raining and Hawgs give strong effort , seniors might get one last win.

The SEC is really weak in the lower part of the conference and may not even fill its bowl opportunities. Even if Mizzou would have been eligible (at 6-6) they probably would have been at the Independence Bowl. I don’t think the players will be too upset. I remember when people were talking they could be a top ten team before the Georgia game and the importance of it. Next to Arkansas, probably the most disappointing team in the conference this year. I’m not sure if either team will care about this one.

As I wrote in the story, the SEC is not going to be able to accommodate all of its bowl tie-ins this year, and may leave several unfilled.

If two SEC teams get into the playoff, which is possible, a third team will have to play in the Sugar Bowl. That means there might only be five bowl teams left. The Citrus Bowl will get one, and two of the SEC’s so-called “group of six” bowls will not have an SEC team, not to mention Birmingham and Shreveport.

Matt - You caught me! I hate to admit it but I just read the headline and not your story. Sorry about that