Mizzou beats Tam 3-2 in 15

At least we’re still tied for first.

I’m glad to still be tied but the hogs let one get away today!

yeah we are going to have to find a way to get better swings off LH pitching.Auburn has 2 LH next week,Tam has 2 Great ones MSU has agreat one and several LH in the bullpen(we are a big disadvantage here,we only have 1 and he is not sharp out of the pen).our LH are not going to do much against them so its up the RH hitters to get their act together.

Youdaman we seem to take the strikes and swing at high pitches that are balls or just take until theirs 2 strikes. The LHP is killing us. They better figure out to go to the opposite field.

I’m a very aggressive type person when it comes to baseball you are taught to expect fastball and adjust to curve. We have always taken way too many pitches in my opinion I have never really thought about quantity of pitches thrown like some coaches do. I’m concerned about the quality of those pitches if you throw me a strike down the middle I expect you to be ready to crush it and not take it. We do have very good plate discipline most of the time but I always cringe when I see a hanging breaking ball not swung at or a fastball taking right down the middle.

I think that is the way advanced hitters think. Hunt the fast ball and fight off the curves. Seldom do you see anyone sit on the curve ball at this level. It’s sure death. You will be late on the fast ball and/or take a third strike. So, yes, that’s the way to do it.

But at this level, the breaking pitch is so good and the slider is devastating. The slider is the killer pitch in the SEC. It’s a pro baseball power pitch and it’s now the constant in the SEC. That’s what Ramage and Campbell execute so well. And, few college players can handle it.

So yes, you can adjust to the breaker, but it’s almost impossible to adjust to the good slider. Foul it maybe, but adjust, not very often.

The good lefty with the slider is pretty much a killer, even for right-handed hitters. Amateur hitters cannot adjust to it. That lefty with the slider is breaking it off at the ankle of the right-handed hitter and it’s a swing and miss. Now a hanging slider is the one that leaves the park. I do not see too many homers on true 12 to 6 breakers that hang. Those are generally takes because the college hitter is going to lay off when they see that spin. It’s too late when they realize it’s hanging.

Clay I totally agree about the slider it’s basically an unbeatable pitch because it looks like a fastball to the last little 3 or 4 inch break… I have noticed that we don’t swing and a lot of breaking balls that are left up for a reason I know we took several yesterday…meanwhile Ole Miss did not and that’s why they crank they home run and also at one off the wall at the end. Got to make them pay for those kind of mistakes.