Mizzou 4 * receiver enters portal

Posted as Pittman said they were looking for receiver. Not aware of any interest

If he could only perform as the 5th best at Misery I doubt we’d be interested.

I suspect that we just might be interested. Hester is good friends with Slusher and current recruit Micah Tease (same HS as Tease and Keaun Parker). Don’t forget that Mizzou was a dumpster fire for much of last year - players who were lost at UA under Morris suddenly blossomed once they got functional coaching. The issue is whether we want a possession receiver, a deep threat, or a speed threat. I think Hester is one of the first two more than the last, but I may be not remembering his skills very well.

Hard to say about his abilities but Mizzou did not have a functioning qb last year and after spring training that situation is still up in the air.

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