Mizzou 16-8 in the 9th

silver lining on a rough day if that holds up

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Surely an 8 run lead will hold for 1 inning even if it’s Missouri

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yeah I feel good about them to holding on

16-8 final so they are 17-10 need to win tomorrow for 2 game lead

Good for Mizzou and good for us! I root for Mizzou when they are not playing us. My oldest graduated from there and Mizzou coach Steve Bieser is from my adopted hometown. Thanks Steve. We owe ya one.

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I am shocked! I thought for sure as bad a team as MO is, that they would be swept!
I am shockingly amazed!
But man am I happy they took the series!
That just doesn’t sound right!

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Mizzou actually came very close to sweeping themselves

You are right! They had a lead in the first game and blew it! Maybe MooU took them for granted and lost focus.

It’s not uncommon for good teams to have a stinker like this at least once during the season, but it doesn’t mean they always lose.

Arkansas’ was against Auburn, a dangerous team that has a bunch of one-run losses, including the two in Fayetteville.

Vanderbilt was clobbered at home by Georgia. Ole Miss has lost some series it should have won.

TCU lost a home series to ULM this weekend.

never ever thought the series would be close but goes to show you,everyone can play in this league and you better come to play every day or you will get beat.

You’re right, Matt. Fortunately we haven’t really had such a series. Now that we’re so close to an SEC title, I don’t want one. I’d like to win tomorrow and at least two against UF. Then we can stink it up in Hoover. Then come back to BW and play lights out for two weekends.


I’d like to play lights out for the next several weekends starting tomorrow!


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