Mitchell twins suspended indefinitely from practice?

Anyone else hearing this? There’s a discussion thread about it over at the Hogville Jump Ball forum. Apparently both have been kicked out of practice more than once for disruptive behavior. Neither twin is currently practicing with the team at this point. Thoughts?

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Stop “rumor mongering.” LOL

Cardinal and Porked have very good info, but still wait on Scottie or Matt to chime in.

And yes, there are rumors out there.

If true (big if). I’m not surprised.

I wasn’t rumor mongering. I was passing along info from another Razorbacks board. I thought posters here might be interested.

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This isn’t rumor. It’s been discussed on other sites with mods who are good. Ones that are at the press conferences. The word is they have a path to be back on the team, no official termination, but certainly probation

Oh please, you’re one to call me me out for rumor mongering with the incessant cryptic comments you post in this forum :joy:

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Yep a path back is available if they both do what Muss expects of them.

We’ll shall see.

Sorry jeg, the other board you mentioned has a post in regards to this and someone was being accused of rumor mongering by asking a question. Thought that was the post you were referencing. Trying to be funny.

no worries I apologize as well

Actually it is, no media person has touched it. The two individuals I mentioned in my first statement are very knowledgeable and informed persons, but it hasn’t been reported by a legit media member. Until it is, it will be considered “rumor.” Now, do I think there is “smoke from a fire”? Yes, absolutely, but I’ll back away until it’s official

It’s definitely true. They haven’t practiced with the team in over a week. We’ll see if they can make it back. I’d guess 50/50.

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Again, that may very well be true, but no media person is talking about it.

Understand. But sometimes people know more than the media.

Again, I don’t disagree. The two guys I mentioned in my first post are in that group

I can’t imagine having an opportunity to play right now for the University of Arkansas under Coach Muss/His Staff for our fans, the education, the range of opportunities, the connections… And letting really small things hinder being a supportive teammate. Of course I can’t hit the broadside of a barn door but these opportunities are genuinely rare, I hope they remove their personal obstacles and make the most out of it.

Ok, cause I’ve got some pm’s I’ll explain more in detail my first post.

Jeg referenced Hogville and this conversation. On the Hogville Jump Ball forum, there is a thread from several days ago in which a poster asked’ “I”m hearing rumors about the Mitchell twins and their status/future with the team.” (Paraphrasing a little there).

One of the mods replied and accused him of rumor mongering and threatening a ban. It created quite a little stir on what is “rumor mongering.” That is until Porked Tongue (who is also a mod over there and a very, very informed individual) weighed in. The original mod was still calling the op in that thread a rumor monger, however he didn’t say anything about Porked (then Cardinal Hawg) for weighing in and basically confirming the rumor (and those two usually have GREAT info).

Now, when Jeg posted this here, that is what I thought was referring to. Hence my “rumor mongering” statement. I was attempting humor.

However, people saying it’s not a rumor, it is until AR or a media member confirms it. Even though, I believe both Porked and Cardinal are correct, they are not “media” members. Until it comes from a legitimate source, it is a rumor (even though it’s probably legit)

At least one of those people reporting it on another site is very much a legitimate media member. He’s at every media press conference. He’s not wrote an official article on the site on this subject, but he’s acknowledged the “rumor”, and said it pretty well known. He’s also the main one who said they have a path back, that this type of thing actually goes on much more with teams than anyone realizes.

Absolutely, I’ve enjoyed Cardinalhog’s posts for years. I’m not disputing any of the information, I’m just saying that I can’t imagine having an opportunity like the Twins are enjoying and letting it slip out of one’s fingers over “bad attitudes”. That’s insane.

I keep up with Cardinal’s posts most of the time and understood your previous posts. I’m on my phone and can’t look at your last post as I’m writing this but with a quick glance that looked like a nice summation for those that don’t go to the other spot. Thanks.

Agreed. Both young men have the opportunity to play and learn from one the very best basketball coaches, on any level. Hopefully both get their issues straightened out and take full advantage of the opportunity before them.

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