Mitch Petrus

Sad to hear the passing of Mitch. Such a shame. Too young.

KATV and The Buzz have this confirmed. I’m working on getting more details, but it appears that Mitch, 32, died of complications of heat stroke.

So sad. Prayers for his family.

Wow that is terrible and so avoidable if true. will be praying for the family!

Rest In Peace Mitch Petrus. So sad. Prayers to his family.

This is just awful. A great Razorback and what incredible passion and creativitivity he brought to his Fearless Friday gig! He will be missed. Prayers for his family. Be careful in this heat folks. If It can strike down a young man not that far removed from the NFL it can take down anyone.

So so sad to hear this. Such a young man.

Great post Richard. Yes Mitch was too young, but he did a lot of living in his 32 yrs.
RIP Mitch.


Prayers go out for him and his family

Had the honor and privilege of knowing Mitch. He was best friends with one of my nephews.

Mitch lived his life with his throttles set to Max Afterburner. He was full speed ahead on most everything he ever did, and his spirit and energy was unmatched by most anyone you’d ever hope to meet. Every time he was ever around me, he was always quick to greet me with a smile, hello and handshake, followed by a slap on the shoulder. He could cut up with the best of them.

RIP Mitch. You’ll be sadly and sorely missed.

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My man loved life and lived every day to the fullest.

Doesn’t matter how old you are, heat related illness can kill anyone at any time (well, maybe not New Year’s Day at the North Pole, but the point is athletes and the young are not immune). It’s surprising it didn’t happen more often to athletes in the days when coaches thought water breaks made you soft and it was better to practice when it was 100 degrees than when it was 80.

Shocking news.
He was another walk on inspiration on the hill. Proof positive that hard work and a big heart can prevail.
RIP Mitch

Sorry to hear about Mitch. Such a good young man. RIP Mitch! This should be a warning to all of us Heat can be dangerous at any age!

Man I hated to hear this. Such a great dude and loved watching him play. He is gone way too early and it is truly sad. Prayers for his family!

Love and prayers to Mitch and family…