Mitch Mustain documentary

The Identity Theft of Mitch Mustain has been hashed around in the past on this board but I’ve not viewed it until today. Much of what was in the documentary I already knew but it cemented my dislike for Houston Nutt and Gus Malzahn. And some of the abuse that Mitch received from our (so called) fans is mind boggling. Frank has some skin in this game too by forcing Nutt to hire Malzahn (after pressure from $$ people).

Much of the content in the documentary has been discussed by or insiders without naming folks. Such as adults on both sides of the Springdale/Nutt crap being at fault for much of the mess.

It’s on Amazon Prime if anyone is looking to kill a couple of hours. Be aware it does not paint our program in a good light for the most part. But appears to be accurate.

A side note is that I didn’t know Mitch was employed by my friend Dwight Everett when this was made.

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Our fanbase was not covering itself in glory in the 2005-07 time frame by any stretch of the imagination. I wasn’t embarrassed by what was going on on the field but I was embarrassed by some of our “fans”. Who would probably kill now to be back to winning 17 games in two years like we did in Nutt’s last two years.


The mere mention of Mitch makes me ache inside. I lived through that period of time. I live in Springdale and I could write my own book about this episode. Mitch dated my granddaughter at one time. What people on both sides of this controversy should keep in mind is that Mitch was a good kid and he didn’t deserve what happened to him. So many times I have wished that Mitch would have taken the offer from Notre Dame. But…Mitch was an Arkansas fan and he really wanted to be a Razorback. His mom wrote a poignant letter describing how Mitch’s ancestry was connected to the U of A. As far as I am concerned it is a tragedy of the first magnitude. Some of you of course will not agree with me but I considered Houston Nutt to be an evil ogre during all of this episode.

Thanks LD, I just watched the documentary. It brought back poignant memories of that era in Razorback football. Everybody involved had a finger in the pie. The talent that was on that Razorback team should have brought us a championship. What a missed opportunity! Sad.

In the points to ponder department, I’m curiously wondering why F.B. didn’t/wouldn’t stop that political bs from escalating to the point that it did. And possibly the piece on Am Prime that LD alluded to answers that in some fashion but I have not watched.

The documentary didn’t answer that question about JFB. There were so many mistakes made by many people during the fiasco. It did allude to the power of big $$ boosters.

Mitch was a pawn in many ways.

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The idolization of Gus and The Springdale 5 are a major reason why we are where we are today.

The sad thing is, Gus still haunts us. Do you think UA would have hired Chad Morris if he wasn’t so close to Gus. MAJOR BLUNDER.

A sadder thing is, the Arkansas media remains intimidated by Gus and his worshippers.

BTW, I haven’t watched, nor will I watch that documentary.

Adventr2, did your granddaughter tell you about the serious trouble MM got into while at USC?

Did she tell you about the fact he never got past 3rd string?

Did she tell you that MM’s mom has been in controversy her whole life?

Thanks for alerting me to this documentary. I just saw it all. Living in North Carolina, I did not see all of this first hand, but I was at the Southern Cal game when Mustain was inserted at the end and at the South Carolina game when he was removed in the first quarter after the interception. And kept abreast of all of the rest, The fan abuse was indeed mind boggling. Nutt had every right to bench Mustain, he was the head coach, but there is no justification for doing it with no explanation (to Mitch). And I think Malzahn should have told Mitch and other players that he was leaving and wished them well. Other than that, I think there was plenty of blame to go around, but it seemed to me it was all about what the pressure to win can cause.

I think people need to go back and review Mustain’s stats his freshman year. He was terrible outside of one or two games.

He was 8-0 as a starter. I’ll take that anyway.

Gosh, what does it take to be a Mitch Mustain hater? He was a sophomore in high school when he dated my granddaughter. USC was a hot bed for quarterbacks. One of the guys ahead of Mitch was a Heisman winner. Mitch’s mom was a strong willed person who let her thoughts be known. NONE of that makes a diddly damn in connection with this controversy. Yes, I knew some of the dopey dudes on this site would run off at the mouth but so be it. You are just identifying yourself.

What? He threw some interceptions?. He was a FRESHMAN! Just to amplify what LDhog said about being 8-0 as a starter, who was the last Arkansas quarterback to beat Alabama? Let me guess. Could it have been Mitch Mustain. Houston Nutt’s ego caused all of this. He did not know how to handle his talented freshman. He and his (not so talented) staff treated Mustain terrible.

There was plenty of blame to go around for the whole sordid mess. Nutt. Gus. Nutt’s assistants. The Gus Bus crew, in and out of Springdale. JFB. Mitch’s mom. The other Springdale Five parents. The media. The fans. Nobody got off scot-free. Everybody played a role in making it worse.

Exactly Jeff!

Even for a freshman he was pretty bad. We were 8-0 because of #5, 25, and 22.

10 TD, 9 INT. 6.8 yards per attempt. Completed 52.3% of his passes against defenses that were stacked to stop 5, 25 and 22. At least two of those TD passes were blind stinking luck; the screen pass against Ole Miss where DMac somehow tiptoed down the sideline, and the 10-yard throw against Auburn that should have been picked but the DB fell down and Monk walked in.

To give you an idea, Connor Noland, another freshman QB playing on a much worse team, completed 50 percent of his passes at 6.1 yards per attempt, and he didn’t get anyone tiptoeing down the sidelines on a 70-yard screen pass.

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Mustain isn’t getting credit for a win at South Carolina is he in that stretch of wins? If it was a baseball game it was the equivalent of a pitcher getting knocked out in the first inning. Yeah, he was the starter, but he was ineffective and got pulled. The next pitcher up did a much better job. He gets the win. MM was the pitcher who has a good record but really poor ERA. Good offense and defense gets the credit here. Several home run hitters and a stout defense overcame a lousy starting pitching staff.

There were a lot of politics & egos involved the whole mess. Just to bad it took place in a era of emails & texting with documented trails of both.
I believe Mitch could have had a good career at AR had the powers to be (including Mitch) swallowed their pride. But everybody involved thought they were above everyone else. We all know who “everybody involved” was.
Coaches should coach, players should play, parents should watch & cheer. Nuff said.

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Most knew that when Casey got healthy, he was going to take over at QB. Number of INTs in practice was the sign that Mitch was not ready to read defenses. The problem was that his receivers were so open in high school there never had to be much of a read. Casey was so much better in practice. I knew he would take the reins as soon as his injury was healed.