Mistake not scheduling game

Tomorrow night? I seem to recall there was mention on another thread. Texas gets a tune up before they play us. Sure would give us a better chance with a rent a win before we play them.

Also have searched and searched for their exhibition scores if they had any, can’t find anything. They do have a guard suspended for opening game but will be back for us of course.

What are their strengths, weaknesses. From what little I can find on them smart is on the hot seat this season.

The biggest thing I know of is they are bigger than us. But we might have an advantage with guard play over them.

They are mostly young as well, but not nearly as young as we are.

So really, in my opinion, this game is a toss up.

If Arkansas had not played two exhibition games, then I might agree with you on that.

But based on what I was told about the schedule, I understand their hesitancy to play on the opening night and then have just 12 games in 60 days.

This is the first year you can play on Tuesday - instead of opening on Friday as has been the rule.

Because the Puerto Rico thing fell through, Arkansas has to play three games in seven days for them to be exempt,

Also the SEC schedule is starting a week later this year than it has been.