MissState had better players at every position --------

It wasn’t a comment on his ability. It was a comment about why we lack leadership. I don’t dispute he will help us win games. That’s not the point.

This isn’t about whether he should play or be on the floor. You’re missing the point. Do you think the team looks at him as the leader?

I don’t know whether they do or they don’t, but JD is a known quantity at this point. He gets buckets. I’m not sold on him as a leader, but who really is our leader? So many questions with this team…

I’m not so sure that this team is belongs to Devo and Williams. I don’t think those guys are very good leaders, otherwise our success would have been greater up to this point. And I don’t think they’ve played very well this year. In spurts, perhaps, but Devo, for example, is not the kind of offensive player that his responsibilities would suggest. He’s not a good shooter, and neither is Williams. Or, Williams may be a decent shooter but we don’t know because he never really shoots. Hopefully some meshing will take place and these guys will figure it out. Or, others on the bench or step up kind of like Devo did last year. I think Muss is an excellent coach, and that we have a chance to right the ship. If it doesn’t happen, then a lot of these guys will be cut loose or looking for playing time at other schools next year. Because help is certainly on the way.

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