MissState had better players at every position --------

------------------- they played relaxed, in control, and had no trouble defending us or attacking us when needed. They had better three point shooting, more athletic big men, better ball handlers, etc. We were frenetic, haphazard, over extending, taking chances, jacking up a lot of threes hoping for miracles, and scrambling to find a way to succeed against them. They just had a far better team on the court last night. Their portal new comers were just a lot better than ours. Looks like we are a middle of the conference team at best. JMVHO.


No they didn’t. Literally based on almost all statistics, this is false.

If you look at every statistic for the game, the two that stand out as the determining factors are FT attempts and second chance points. Both were expected, especially FT’s since we consistently get screwed on that point at MSU and the fact that they had bigger players at most positions, second chance points makes sense too.

MSU had a Net ranking of about 41 before the game, the Hogs were #90 and playing on the road.

0 - 1. Muss has much to do.

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Too early to tell about this team. You doomsayers have already forgotten you were saying the same thing last year after back to back bad beats in conference? Let’s watch a few more games before we bury this team. :sunglasses:

Based on what I saw was they moved the ball way better than we did which got them much better shots,we were in such a hurry that we forgot the most important thing…The Ball!!! I knew their size was going to really bother us inside and our defense allowed the dribble drive way to easily…JD not being there made others step up and I really liked what I saw from Umude and Devo did very well too except for the forced dribble drives into traffic… We have a long way to go but I think we can get it together enough to get in the NCAA but we will see.

Actually I don’t remember saying that last year. I think there is hope that Muss’ system, if the team buys in and refines it, can overcome lack of talent at key positions. We are going to need much better defense generating transition points to handle a team like MSU. They had three different offensively gifted Jaylin Williams sized players pounding the boards successfully against Jaylin and a bunch of swing players. They had several three point shooters stretching our defense and we had just an occasional three pointer with none in crunch time. Their guards are better defenders than ours and far better ball handlers attacking our defense. We had no driving attacks generating kickouts to open three point shooters and no consistent three point shooters opening up the defense for driving attacks. It looked like Notae playing one on one basketball is our only consistent threat when he is on his game and we had no clue on what to do with him gone. This team looks like it has a long way to go and I hope I am wrong about that. That team last night had just as many losses from last year, just as many newcomers, and seemed to be well prepared to kick off the conference season. We had the same time and situation and we appear way behind them in preparedness and talent. JMVHO.

Well looking back at last year’s schedule we started 2-4 in the SEC before finally getting our act together… The biggest difference in this year’s team to me is we don’t have a Tate to run the offense and to lock down the main offensive threat from the other team… I thought Toney was going to give us Smith type numbers but he has gotten into a little bit of a funk, I still believe him though I just think he needs to have one good game.Umude was very impressive yesterday if we can get that every game from him we will be back on track with JD back as well… Defense will make or break though we either get that figured out or it’s going to be tough.

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Bingo, covers the funk. Issues or whatever IMO.

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I agree and we are going to play bigger and more athletic guys in the sec almost every game. To have a chance we have to play as a team. It’s not like the biggest most athletic team is guaranteed to win in basketball, at all. But we are doing the opposite of what we need to do. Playing selfish, not taking care of the ball, not making easy plays for a teammate, and not making shots. Can’t say I fault our effort on defense but our execution is terrible it’s like all the effort is for nothing as we have a breakdown and give up a wide open shot or foul late in the shot clock almost every time

Simple thing in basketball. Team that gets the best shots win. If you don’t stop the ball, the other team gets the best shots. Defense has to improve. Can’t give up over 80 to a team that usually does not score at a high clip.

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This team is lacking leadership. Pure and simple. And I’m not talking about Muss. This is Devo and J Will’s team this year. Will they take the reigns and lead? That is yet to be seen, but this is, undoubtedly, their team. If they don’t, we will have a very disappointing year with some studs coming in behind them. If they do, we can still have a really good year. Totally up to them. I hope they choose wisely.

Oh, and BTW, Hofstra lost to a William and Mary team that was 1-12. Let that sink in…this Arkansas team needs to WAKE UP yesterday.

I saw the exact same thing but wouldn’t have said it this well. It has felt like this all season… even against mostly weak opponents, sans the 1st half against KSU. I don’t see how Muss pulls this one out. Maybe he’s a magician. Feels like that’s what it will take.

They are going to have a difficult job leading when notae apparently has a green light to do whatever he wants.

We need leaders on the court but imo it starts at the top. This is really the coaches responsibility. Wise man once said a great leader doesn’t make the spokes stronger in the wheel, he places them with the correct spacing in between

Leadership is essential! On and off the court. BB IQ isn’t being displayed on the court and it won’t improve the end result until that’s fixed. Muss has preached on the issues since game 1 !
Maybe at some point in time the players will listen.
This road game shows how important Notae is to the team. Maybe getting him back will make a big difference.
I’m not fibbing up hope for this team but they need to show improvement.
Shot selection, ball
Security and playing defense.

More JD bashing…really?

At the Hump Notae could have been a difference maker! He sure would have scored! His rebounding and defense was missed too!

I expect we will see a different Notae in the conference… he was starting to shoot the 3 very well, hopefully this little sickness hasn’t messed that up but he is the ultimate competitor as you saw against Baylor. I expect him to play much better going forward

Me too Youdaman. Notae will be key to cutting down the TO’s and defense. His scoring isn’t all he brings to the game.
Davis and Williams are much better when he is on the floor.

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The team is better when JD is on the floor. Period.

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