Misspelled jersey humorous, Bielema says

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Someone needs to tell Phil Knight to do better quality control at Nike.

Anyone know where Nike makes these football uniforms? Are they made in the USA?


TCU apparently misspelled “university” in its spring graduation program. I mention this since they seem to have an inflated opinion of themselves. Of course, that gaffe is not nearly as unfortunate as UT’s misspelling of “public affairs” in its 2012 commencement program.

This has been a number of years ago, but at one point TCU was the most expensive private university tuition in Texas. More than SMU, more than Baylor, more than Rice. It may still be; a quick search shows they still charge more than Rice. I scratch my head trying to figure that one out. Perhaps that is another reflection of their inflated self-opinion.

Can’t be absolutely certain without going into our equipment room, but my son and I poked through several of our Nike Hog items (including an anthracite replica jersey circa 2013) and they were all made in Indonesia. Game jerseys made in the same place? Possible. Wouldn’t be much different with Adidas or Under Armour either. Or Russell Athletic. All of them use overseas factories, either Asia or Central/South America.