Watched some of their game tonight. That is the only time I have seen them. TN is very good no doubt, but they can’t be that good. MO appears to be big and physical, but can’t shoot very well. Is that fair or did they have a bad night and playing TN to boot?

Against them, not having Smith should hurt. This could be his type game. Hope he is ok. The team needs him.

I only have this game to go on and from that, I think we should beat them, but they are built to give us trouble as we are to give them trouble.

Now TN ------ That appears to be a different animal, but coaches speak is correct: One game at a time!

Missouri appears to be having problems scoring. They had the same problem in their last game also.
They did beat Illinois but I think Illinois is over ranted! Just like Kentucky was over rated! The hogs just need to continue to improve.

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MO seems to have many big and physical players.

Some really good looking athletes.

Missouri plays good defense and can dominate on the glass if you are not careful.

I agree, Clay.

They look big and physical.

We may be a lot quicker, but afraid we don’t have that kind of physical presence.

Missouri seems to have some Roosevelt Wallace and Larry Marks physical role players as well.

Smith was about our only one of size and I assume he is out unfortunately.

I really miss some larger physical 3,4 and 5s on our team to counter those physical front courts of top of league and US.

Seems the one thing we have missed in recruiting so far by Muss.

Don’t get me wrong, love our roster which is deep and talented.

Just seems missing ingredient is a few power physical guys.

But our quickness and speed is undeniable. Maybe that’s the edge against better teams.

Interesting regardless of coach that has seemed program MO more than not these past years.

Yeah they are big, but still haven’t seen anyone in the SEC that Desi can’t beat up.

I’ve only watched Missouri in the first half against Tennessee, but they weren’t good on offense. They don’t shoot threes well and have trouble creating open shots. They spent a lot of time trying to drive it on Tennessee without much success. Of course, Tennessee is very good on defense. We will have to keep Missouri off the offensive boards, because that’s where they could hurt us scoring. Defensively they were VERY physical. Not sure how quick they are. Guess we’ll find out with Desi, Tate, Moody and Notae taking it to the rim.I like our chances better against Missouri than Tennessee, who looked like the real deal to me.

yup yup yup Good observation LoudLoyd. One game at a time.

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I think what few realize is how good TN’s defense is. It’s akin to Virginia’s defense a few years back. They are going to hold a lot of teams in the SEC in the 50’s. The most anyone has scored on them this year is 66 points. I bet very few teams, if any, will score 70 on them.

They are dangerous if the 3s aren’t falling for us, Smith may not be able to play and they have some size to give us trouble inside. they make only 28% of their 3s so unless they play way over there heads we should be okay.

Tennessee does have a very good defensive team, but their points allowed will be tested by a team that pushes the pace and can shoot 3’s. The Vols trap a lot in the half court, and this should provide open looks for teams that have multiple shooters. (Missouri did not have those shooters.)

Tennessee has a nice balance on offense too. Lots of options. But they don’t seem to push the pace too much themselves. This style of play will always lower a team’s number of points allowed.

If they can hold the Hogs under 70, then it might have more to do with what we are NOT doing in the game than what Tennessee IS doing (see North Texas game, in which we missed too many open looks and too many FT’s).

The Hogs and Vols look like the 2 best teams in the conference so far. Should be a good matchup of strength on strength. (Of course, Missouri first)

ESPN has Hogs with 72% chance to win. Home, quick offensive team against a slower but good defensive team. We have to turn Missouri over to compensate for what will likely be a deficit in the rebounding department. We play with the same intensity we have seen most of this season and should win, but not sure by the double digits we’ve seen thus far.

This game will be an opportunity for the bigs. Missouri size may really bother Vanover or he could have a big game. If he can hit a decent percentage of his 3’s, I think that will open the lane for Sills, Notae, Moody, Tate. This would be a good time for Jackson to have a breakout game. All the preseason hype was that he was the best and most consistent outside shooter. Jaylin Williams could play significant minutes and Henderson can bring hustle and rebounding.

Missouri will have big problems with our guards. Moses, Desi and JD can make 3’s and take the ball to the hole. Tate cam finish and score with his mid range jumpers and floaters, Devo and KK are capable scorers. They all play good defense The guards will need to help with the rebounding, especially if Smith is out.

I think that we can beat Missouri with out Smith, but we will need him for our trip to Knoxville.

Before the Auburn game, I felt more confident about the MO home game than I did the Auburn road game. I still feel that way. If we play up to our capability and don’t shoot ourselves out of the game with lots of missed 3s, it should be a relatively easy win. As always, if we play poorly we will lose.

National television audience.

Time to prove we are worthy of national attention again.

Let’s do this

I don’t like 11 am games in any sport, but tomorrow is a golden opportunity to set us up for a showcase Wednesday night in front of a national audience. Let’s git it! Go Hogs!

I think we should win but when you live by the 3 you can also die by it.Mizzou is very good defensivly,so we will have to bring our A game, like Muss said we don’t have much room for error

I feel pretty good about this one. We are going to shoot a lot and try to score a lot, and I really like that about us it’s a huge positive.

I have also been playing around with some stats and this season I am pretty sure we are undefeated in games that we have one or more dunks. So there is that.

Go Hogs!

Well, Gassy old buddy, I have kept careful records and I am almost positive that this year we have won every game when I have brushed my teeth the night before. Ergo, I brushed them last night, so today’s game should be no problem. :laughing: :rofl: :rofl: On a more serious note, my main concern for this team is that some night (day) the 3’s will just not be falling for us, and there is bound to be a fate similar to the loss just experienced by our Lady Razorbacks. If we can hold these games to once or twice this season, I see no reason why we cannot also do well in the final tournament.

Well Harley, you hit it on the head. Could not shoot today and got stuffed. Plus we have no inside defense without Smith. Afraid it will be a long night on Tuesday in Tennessee.