Missouri will throttle us.....

And to think just weeks ago we were making fun of their coach for a post game rant. Well, that guy is apparently a leader that knows how to motivate and coach young men.

In stark contrast to what we have.

It’s a real shame Bielema is as bad as he is. The next coach may never be able to fumigate the loser mentality from that locker room. What a royal screw up we have on our hands.

Everyone throttles us these days, Mizzou may score 60, State will manhandle us as well.

Missouri will likely throttle us because their D has improved & they have a future NFL QB. Meanwhile, we’ve suffered injuries that have made a bad team worse. It has nothing to do with a rant their coach gave following a loss. It has nothing to do with a “loser mentality” in our coach. But, hey, it’s fun & fashionable to insult Beilema these days, so you might as well pile on.

I have the answer to all our problems. Go get the kid to transfer that is a freshman at OU, get Hammonds 30 carries a game, and get Rafe to come back to QB.