Missouri Vs Arkansas

I’ll start it. Good energy. Got to make our layups!

Big boy TV always brings out the best airballs and bricks we have in us.
Glad we got all those out of the way early…

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Need a great run to end the half. Ugly offense so far

Missing Justin for sure

Dunk the ball Conner!

We have to keep attacking them. Have 4 of their guys with 2 fouls.

Attack full force! We also need to make free throws.

Amen, there doesn’t seem to be a aggressive bone in his body at this point. WPS

4 of 15 inside the arc. Unbelievable.

Suppose 3 second rule dose not include Mizzou…

Maybe all Mizzou players will foul out ! WPS

We’re cold as ice.

Laying bricks like a master mason.

We just look like crap today.

I haven’t seen Muss have this many conversations with officials before

He obviously thinks Mizzou is hacking us

And I agree

Look like crap but still down 2. Gotta heat up at some point.

Second half comeback.

Considering we have shot more wide open bricks and airballs and wide open layups and made more dumb decisions and unforced TO’s than should be allowed in a season much less in a single half.

We are in pretty good shape.

They for the first time look a little scared or intimidated. They will get over it.

Sills needs to heat up in the second half.

The whole team needs to heat up…

Amazing we are down only 3.

Hopefully we wake up after half time.

I don’t think we could have played any worse and we’re down 3.


That Mizzou elbow to Arkansas which was not ruled flagrant, would have been called targeting on Arkansas. We are killing ourselves with rampant and errant threes and poor finishing at the rim.