Missouri vs Arkansas game thread

Well it almost time to tip off and I’ve been waiting all day long!

TV guys said Jaylin would be available if we play Sunday. Which is exactly what I thought.

The most physical team tonight wins going away, if tonight’s game is called like Mizzou’s game yesterday it will be tough. WPS

Get us going Moses

Still feeling things out by both teams, hope we settle in first. WPS

That was a quick trigger on Conner. Hope we get “good Vance”

We need a good Notae too! His 3 was big but that drive to hole was uncalled for 1 on 3. Business will pick up.

Need Desi to have one of those 5 of 7 threes type of nights.

Moody needs to take over also

Mizzou playing super tough D. No good looks for us.

I’m all in on Smith challenging Tilman off the drill as he is quicker, Tilman used to get in foul trouble often. WPS

Smith has 2 turnovers

Off the dribble ! WPS

Missouri is on tonight.

Blow out coming…I think

And an air ball. Geez

Too much one on one and stupid TO’s!
The hogs have missed some easy shots too.

Their defense is kicking our butt, crap we cant even get off a decent Shot! Just exactly why I said they were a very tough match up

Smith is playing pathetic

Too much defense, we can’t penetrate.

I actually think Henderson is bringing some energy to the team…