Missouri versus Central Missouri

It was a one-possession game with 39 seconds remaining. Mizzou wins by 7. A 27-point win on a night that we shot 5% from the arc looks better.

I wonder if Kim Anderson wishes he had stayed at CMU?

Missouri is truly dreadful.

Haith and that administration really nuked that program.

Missouri has a 6-10 freshman from Van Buren named Mitchell Smith that I got to know over the last few years. Arkansas recruited him for a while but I don’t know that he developed at the rate they wanted.

He’s very skilled for his size, athletic and has a long wingspan. But he’s rail thin and hasn’t always been aggressive against top competition.

A big selling point for him going to Mizzou was immediate playing time because their frontcourt was thin. Looking at their roster, their three tallest guys are freshmen. Obviously you can’t fault Mike’s recruiting lately, but I actually think he had a chance to develop into a pretty good big in this system, given a few years and assuming he became more consistently aggressive. But being thrown into the fire may be rough for him this year, if he even gets to play much.

At one time he had an offer from the Hogs. Then the summer before his summer year with the Wings he was ineffective and we stopped recruiting him. I watched a lot of their games online and he was easily moved around the post and was not a factor. The biggest issue IMO was his lack of aggressiveness “or dawg”. Portis was sleight at that age, but was all over the boards and active inside (Gafford even more so). I agree he does have some nice skill, good hops, long, but he is more of a finesse player at this point and needs weight/strength. Needs at least 2 years to develop.

Yeah, he did virtually nothing that summer with the Wings, especially against top-tier competition, which is what I think killed his chances of coming here.

In high school, a lot of teams would put their big football kid on him and try to take him out of the game physically. It worked decently well, but he did get better at handling it his senior year. Obviously he still put up points, being so much bigger, but he’s going to struggle to make an impact in college until he can add strength and not float around/play timid against similar-sized guys. He’s a really nice kid, so hopefully it works out for him.

In the exhibition game, Smith played 8 minutes, did not take a shot from the field, made 1-2 free throws, grabbed four defensive rebounds. That is pretty good rebounding production, otherwise not much. He had the least minutes of all Missouri players.

Mizzou’s 2-point shooting = 17-44. Incredibly bad. Their widebody PF Kevin Puryear was 0-7. Combo F Willie Jackson, who played 26 minutes off the bench, was 4-11.

Spencer Reaves, a guard originally from Cedar Ridge HS in Arkansas, scored 14 points for Central Missouri.

Missouri’s starters:

PF Russell Woods, 6-8 sr (only 14 min)
PF Kevin Puryear, 6-7 so (1 pt, 8 reb)
G Frankie Hughes, 6-4 fr (15 pts, 6 reb, 3 ast)
G Terrance Phillips, 5-11 so (11 pts, 4 reb, 4 ast)
G Cullen VanLeer, 6-4 so (team-high 36 min, paltry stats)

Top reserves in minutes:

F Willie Jackson, 6-6 fr (8 pts, 8 reb)
G Jordan Geist, 6-2 so (11 pts, 4 reb, 4 TO in 16 min)
G K.J. Walton, 6-3 so (diddly)
PF Reed Nikko, 6-10 fr (9 pts in 11 min)

Their lineup looks seriously underpowered.

Assuming he’s related to Austin?

His brother.

Missouri was #160 in Pomeroy last year. If Central Missouri is comparable, it wouldn’t be that surprising for any mid-major similarly ranked to hang around in our gym for a while. For instance, #178 North Florida trailed by eight at half last season. A worse Northwestern State team gave us a game the year before.