Missouri State

I haven’t watched any of its games, but it seems Missouri State went into free fall after leaving Fayetteville. The Bears have lost five straight by an average of 18 points, beginning with the loss to Arkansas.

Three of those teams — South Dakota State, North Dakota and Southern Illinois — are among the best in the FCS. Southern Illinois’ defensive coordinator is a Petrino, cousin to Bobby.

Missouri State suffered its worst loss of the year over the weekend, 41-20 to Northern Iowa. It ranks 82nd in FCS in total offense and 114th (out of 123) in total defense.

I thought that team was going to win a lot of games this year. Right now the Bears are last in the Missouri Valley, a great FCS conference, but still surprising.

Definitely a head scratcher. On the flip side, Cincinnati and SC’s seasons have not gone to heck in a handbag since losing to us.

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Matt, if you would have told me in June that Bobby Petrino was spending time every day figuring out how to beat UA, I would have believed you. He was always good about scouting the first couple of games during the spring/summer. You know he doubled down on UA!

But, if all eggs are in one basket, is it possible they team picked up on that and feel that the game was “too personal” for Bobby, and that they didn’t get their best from him for other games?

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Eagle, you nailed something I’ve been talking about to friends - Cincy and USC-E look really good right now. Should the Hogs win a few games we will get some positive props for those early wins.

So you are saying they went into a ditch?


LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have watch parts of several Missouri State games including this past weekend when they had fought back in the second quarter by scoring narrowing the score only to see NIU score a third touchdown with four seconds left. They played NIU near even in the second half but the 24-7 lead was too much to overcome. I had wondered with the late first half score if they had lost their fight but I did not see that. Instead they seem to be typical of so many teams this year in not stopping opponents.

Not exactly going into a ditch, but they’re not affairing very well.

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Does MO St have a volleyball team?

Not surprised by Cincy, but SC a big surprise. HC is the real deal.

Good one.

Hard to win if you cant stop the other team from scoring.

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