Missouri State loaded at running back

And I’ll say “I loved your sons’ quarterback abilities, but we cannot hide the fact that no other quarterbacks lost as many SEC games. They set a record for SEC losses”

Fred, I have told Bobby and Marcella not to spend time with you in that way. Just better for everyone. Lol.

No, I did not, but I should.

I doubt you would do that because you are a good guy and know it’s time to drop that silliness.


One of those losses occurred when the drunk masquerading as a HC took the ball out of Brandon Allen’s hands after he completed seven passes on the final drive, threw 7 touchdowns in the game, and threw for over 400 yards.

Not only was the ball taken out of his hands, but the game was put on the foot of Cole Hedlund.

Kick blocked Hogs lose 51-50.

Context is helpful when discussing who’s responsible for a win or a loss.

I’d take 2015 Brandon Allen over 2011 Tyler Wilson and possibly Mallet.

Petrino would have done wonders with him.


Jackson is right, the rumor was that Greg child’s was telling recruits NOT to play for BMFP


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