Missouri State is struggling

The Bears lost a couple of their big pitchers before the season and things have not gone well. It does not look like the Missouri State teams we are accustomed to seeing. Here is a comparison of MSU and Arkansas:

Record: Arkansas 20-4; Missouri State 5-16
ERA: Arkansas 3.20; Missouri State 7.33.
Earned Runs Per Game: Arkansas 7.04; Missouri State 3.21.
Batting Average: Arkansas .295; Missouri State .206.
Opponent Batting Average: Arkansas .198; Missouri State .302.
Slugging Percentage: Arkansas .466; Missouri State .307.
On-Base Percentage: Arkansas .393; Missouri State .296.
Fielding Percentage: Arkansas .972; Missouri State .956.
Strength of Schedule: Arkansas 16; Missouri State 5.
RPI: Arkansas 3; Missouri State 105.

I knew they were getting hammered so I knew they must have lost everything … hopefully we’ll get out there and jump on them early.

Baseball is a funny game. Even the '62 Mets won 40 games. You never know. Go Hogs.

The game isn’t played on paper. This game is another shot for Wicklander and few more young freshmen to get a shot on the mound.
At the plate I hope Casey Martin has a game as well as the rest of the hogs’.
I will be watching.