Missouri State got hammered twice today, sort of

The Bears were outscored 27-7 by Oregon State in just under 11 innings. The Beavers won the first game 17-6 and were up 10-1 in the bottom of the second inning when the weather postponed the second game.

This series is being played in Springfield. I saw a couple of people with Oregon State gear at the Razorbacks’ game last night, so I assume they flew into XNA and will drive up for the OSU-MSU series.

I’ve been interested to see this series because Missouri State really hasn’t played much against good competition yet. The Bears’ schedule strength is 155 after their first game against Oregon State. Sixteen of their 22 wins register in the third or fourth quadrant of the RPI, including 12 in the fourth.

Missouri State plays here Tuesday.

It’s hard to be too impressed with their schedule. The loss of Wichita State compounds the conference’s (Missouri Valley) struggle to be relevant.

Oregon State is really good, too. I think most understand that.

Yes. The conference also lost Creighton a couple of years ago, another decent program.

I’m sure Oregon State was motivated to play well this weekend. It had lost two consecutive series to Utah and Arizona after being ranked No. 1.

Good point Matt. I had forgot about that.

Yet are only 7-5 in a top heavy Pac-12 league. They wouldn’t be any better, if that, in the SEC.

Pac12 only has 11 baseball teams; Colorado dropped the sport quite a while back. Thst’s why the Beavs are free for a weekend NC series. Somebody has to be idle every weekend.