Missouri Red Hot Offense during Win Streak

How the Mizzou football offense stacks up against the rest of the FBS during its four-game winning streak.
Points Scored

  1. Mizzou (215)
  2. Oklahoma (191)
  3. Florida Atlantic (189)
    Points Per Game
  4. Mizzou (53.8 in 4 games)
  5. Memphis (48.5 in 2 games)
  6. Oklahoma (47.8 in 4 games)
  7. Mizzou (27)
  8. Oklahoma (25)
  9. Florida Atlantic (24)
    Passer Rating
  10. Drew Lock, Mizzou, 206.5
  11. Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma, 196
  12. Logan Woodside, Toledo, 187
    Scrimmage Yards Per Touch
  13. Oklahoma (9.7)
  14. Toledo (9.7)
  15. Arizona (9.6)
  16. Mizzou (9.4)
    Scrimmage Yards Per Game
  17. Oklahoma (638.5)
  18. Mizzou (588.8)
  19. Wake Forest (577)

Odom has nearly flipped the script
After Saturday night’s dismantling of Tennessee, Tigers’ coach Barry Odom was offered an opportunity to take a swing at those who questioned both his coaching acumen and job security during the Tigers’ five-game losing streak. He passed.
But here’s what senior receiver J’Mon Moore said about his head coach.
“I never questioned his job security,” Moore said. “This is a great guy. This is the place for him. He understands the culture here. He knows what he has here. He has faith in us. Never, ever did I see fear in his eyes, or doubt in his eyes, or job security doubt in his eyes. He continued to coach. He continued to be the same guy every day.”

This is from a STL Post writer, the first part of the article talks about the possibility of the Cardinals acquiring the services of Giancarlo Stanton. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/ … 1fc1c.html

I think Drew Lock is a really good quarterback and probably throws the best deep ball of anyone in the conference. I put him as my second-team All-SEC on the preseason ballot earlier this year because I thought he would be able to torch the SEC East defenses. So far that has been the case.

They’ve been better but I still think they are more lucky than good. They’ve toasted Idaho, U-Conn and a couple of real down and out and thrown in the towel SEC opponents. I’m sure they’ll toast us too, but they are hardly a powerhouse.