Missouri pitcher gets dream offer, commits to Hogs

9th grader. Says he throws up to 86 mph right now. That sounds pretty high for someone to throw in the summer after their 8th grade year. He looks like he hasn’t gotten his growth yet either, so he will likely substantially move that velocity figure in high school.

Exciting news. Hoping he fulfills his hearts desire and becomes an All-SEC performer at Arkansas.

A south paw that can throw that hard at that age could be really good by the time he gets to campus. I hope he takes care of his arm! Most lefties have natural movement in their pitches too!
DVH has players wanting to suit up for our hogs.

Wow ! Says a lot about our baseball program! Lots of giddy up on that ball for a youngster, wishing him the best. WPS

Let them be kids.

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That’s awesome but 2026 is a long time to keep a kid committed… He obviously is very talented if we offend him this young

I can assure you that a lot of coaches don’t want to be offering players that young, but until the rules change, you have to commit a big chunk of your class before the players’ high school junior season. It’s how the game is played.

In baseball it is not that long. Austin Ledbetter, for instance, committed in 2018 and did not play until the 2022 season. It happens a lot.

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I know why they do it, and I’d probably do the same thing.

However, if it was my kid, I’d say leave him alone for a couple years.

I have no hard data, but decommits or flips in baseball are much less common than basketball and football.

Guessing here: because of the popularity of JUCO ball for a year (retaining your draft status for some, I think) and the risk of losing recruits to the MLB, coaches are less likely to work real hard to commits to other schools. Anecdotally, UA is still recruiting a couple of 2023 football recruits committed elsewhere - I saw them on the sideline of the Bama game! - because if they aren’t recruiting them players committed elsewhere are not going to use a scarce resource like a sideline unofficial visit pass for the Bama game. That would seem pretty commonplace actually. Bama is still leaning on Luke Hasz, for example.

(I could be really wrong.)

If this kid “topped 86” as it says in the story, how high did he go? Or was that his “top” speed?

The verbiage usually means the kid hit that once on a radar screen somewhere. Warmup pitch, bullpen, indoor training session, or a game. The number to watch for is “sits at” as in, “the pitcher topped out at 86, and sits 82-83.” The 82-83 (made up by me) would be a good number for a kid this age, and is a good guess if the top-end speed is 86.

Yes the amazing thing about that is he’s in a 9th grade hitting 86 LOL he’ll put on 20 lb maybe more before he graduates and he will be throwing 95+maybe one of those we have to beat the MLB for because you don’t see too many 9th graders throwing 86.

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