Missouri observations (Beard starting, pace/pass/3s, Macon/Barford, 3pt D, Trey-Moses)

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All this comes with the caveat that obviously Missouri is the worst team in the SEC. Game came at a nice time for Arkansas.

— Anton started for just the third time this year and played 27 minutes before fouling out. Had 2 quick turnovers but was his usual solid self the rest of the game. The #SCTop10 pass was pretty nice. Think he’ll stick in the starting lineup.

— Offense was great against a decent Missouri defense (Tigers’ problem is awful O). Pace was big, they pushed it and burned Missouri in transition. But the passing and penetration was really nice and led to a lot of 3s. 44 3s the last 2 games after taking 42 the first 3 SEC games.

— Macon and Barford had probably their best combined game of the year, which was good to see given how MSU looked markedly superior. Takes the team to another level when they’re playing well.

— 3-point defense was shaky again. Missouri is a terrible shooting team, but had easily their best shooting performance in SEC play even with missing a lot of open looks. The flip side is Arkansas scored 25 points off 14 Missouri turnovers, so the decision to pressure a bad team that may not have the juice to make you pay paid off.

— Trey played about 5 minutes with Moses. They were only +1, but he had by far the best day of the 4s. Better passer, rim protector and rebounder than Dustin or Arlando. Mike liked how they functioned together.

— Stray thoughts, including C.J. getting some run, FT percentage slipping a bit and more.

Great stuff as usual.

You mentioned it, but I thought the biggest takeaway from yesterday was the overall intensity and aggressiveness out of the gate. The first 5-6 possessions, we got the ball up VERY quickly. It probably made some fans squirm, but I liked it and thought it was key to setting the tone.

I still don’t really like us very much in the halfcourt. The second half showed why and I’m not going to go back through it since I’ve already done it on here. But, the first half, we played downhill a LOT. And, I think it should be that way the majority of possessions for this team. Attack quickly.

My thoughts from the front row of the upper deck:

  • Defensive intensity was better than against Florida or Moo U. A few open threes are the price you’re going to pay when you’re trapping and scrambling. Misery made more than they usually do, but not enough to stay in the game. They did not handle our trap well at all. Only a bunch of free throws by Geist allowed them to stay in the same time zone in the first half.

  • I was getting a little nervous when Misery cut it to 11 in the second half. I can’t remember the exact personnel group on the floor at the time, but it was lacking in scoring power. Mike made an immediate substitution (again can’t remember who, but I think Beard may have been one, which likely helped on both ends of the court) and we stabilized.

  • Mizzou is really bad, but their weakness is offensive. Their defensive efficiency is top-70 nationally on Pomeroy at 0.98 adjusted. We hit them for 1.22. They hit us for 0.98, which is better than their average (and slightly better than our average), but we won by 19, so I can’t be too upset about an easy SEC win.

  • Really liked the way Trey played. He did some damage on both ends. I’m becoming a little concerned about Moses’ turnover proclivity. Four more last night. He tends to fumble passes when he is receiving the ball in a position to do something with it; that seems to be his issue more than getting his pocket picked. I just realized that Moses is leading the team in turnovers, which I would have to think is very rare for an under-the-basket guy.

  • My jaw dropped when I heard Manny made a three (I was in line at the concession stand at that moment), but I didn’t realize it was his first career three. Probably his last career three too.

I’ve noticed some of the passes he is receiving are low and he attempts to dribble. I was always taught get the big guy the ball high, if they get it low, quick guards can slap the ball out (Beard does this quite a bit against bigger guys).

Don’t think it is Moses’ game to drive, especially more than one dribble. It seems that some of more experienced guys still fall victim to the same issues from previous seasons. Like Beard at his size aggressively driving the ball and getting blocked. Love his courage, but odds are not great he will pull it off.

I don’t think Moses has especially good hands, Thompson has better, softer, quicker hands.

That’s kinda my thought. Moses doesn’t catch the ball very well. Maybe it’s from playing soccer in Nigeria?

Yea, Swine, it’s because he was discouraged from using his hands in soccer. He also tends to make soft, casual passes that get stolen, but gosh, he’s not been playing basketball that long. Look at the career Bill Russell had primarily as a defender.

Agree he doesn’t have good hands and may very well be from playing soccer,but you would think his foot work would be better for the same reason. WPS

All big men should have to watch film of Bill Russell to learn how to play defense,rebound and block shots and keep them in play and do all the above without having foul troubles. But the coach Arnold Jacob “Red” Auerbach didn’t ask Russell to play defense 30 feet from the basket!!WPS