Missouri May have put us in the Liberty Bowl

The Liberty Bowl was interested in a “Border War” game between Mizzou and Kansas. The Tigers let it be known they were not. Brett McMurphy’s latest projection, as of this morning, has us playing Kansas in Memphis.

My personal hope is for the Texas Bowl. I reserved four tickets for that one.

Texas Bowl is likely to have much better weather. Who would we probably play in that bowl?

Projections have had Oklahoma State and OU as possible opponents.

It would be a Big 12 opponent in Houston or Memphis. The team in Houston would probably have a better record.

We seriously need a win in our bowl game.


I could attend the Liberty Bowl. Even if we’re not in it, I’ll be within a few miles of that stadium already. Unless its miserably cold & sleeting, I’d probably go it.

Whatever bowl we go to, I hope we go with a substantially full roster.

If the weather is descent, we will attend if the Hogs are in the Liberty Bowl.

If we go to the Liberty Bowl, Missouri didn’t put us there, we did it to ourselves.



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If we do go there , I hope it’s warmer than it was in ‘09. That is the coldest game I’ve ever been to

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Yep. My daughter and I were dressed for the weather with long John’s, hand warmers, feet warmers, orange hunting jackets and gloves. Still thought I was going to freeze. We were in the end zone when the kick was made. I sat in my truck for 30 minutes trying to thaw out. Daughter loved it. :joy:

Between the four times I’ve watched the Hogs play in the Liberty Bowl and another four or five times I’ve gone just to watch football, I’ll pass this time around. I’d just be going to watch the game, and I can do that without braving the city of Memphis and likely freezing in the process.

I’ve been to the Liberty Bowl when the weather wasn’t bad at all. At least not for December. The infamous 1971 Liberty Bowl was relatively warm. Seems like it was very humid with a touch of fog. Same with the 1984 bowl when we played Auburn and Bo Jackson. We played UGA in about 1986 or '87 when it was pretty cold. All those were night games. Of course the 2009 game was at night & freezing. The game against KSU was a later afternoon game and was chilly as the afternoon wore on, but not too bad.

This year it’s a 4:00 p.m. kick-off (that might be 4:00 EST). If so, there’s a chance it will be reasonably warm at kick-off, but will get cold by halftime.

The problem with that stadium is that there are no places to warm up. The restrooms are small & crowded. The ladies rooms have lines extending outside. Not many places to even get out of the rain if it’s raining. My wife refuses to go (and she is from Memphis.)

Missouri is playing Kentucky at home in basketball at the same time as the Liberty Bowl. I would imagine the Hogs would pass on the Liberty as well if that were the case with us.

We were playing Florida at BWA at the same time as the Belk Bowl with Virginia Tech. Showed some of the football game on the BWA videoboard before tipoff.

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