Missouri helmets

Missouri helmets have to have the most docile-looking tiger on them I’ve ever seen

Looks like a retro helmet…

But they are playing today!

That logo looked like a stuffed toy.

Cartoonish and embarassing. Made them lose.

Someone who never played football came up with those logos. Surely.

If we had Porky the Pig on our helmets and were playing football yesterday I would be fine with that.

Go Hogs!

A picture you would find in a children’s book.
Maybe the ‘soft’ looking tiger helped mess with their psyche.

That was a logo Missouri used in the early '70s. I don’t know why they used it in the bowl game, but because of the opponent I suspect it was as a nod to the old days of the Big 8.

It’s akin to Arkansas using the slobbering hog logo or other logos that have cycled out. Those retro looks are popular now. Every game I see more and more old logos on people’s shirts and hats.

It may have been an official logo at one point, but I don’t think it ever appeared on a Missouri Helmet until the Liberty Bowl. For decades the Mizzou helmet did not change. Black with an M on the sides and a gold stripe flanked by 2 white stripes.