Missouri Has My Attention for Sure

Earlier all the coaches and experts here said they would be our only sure win. I don’t think anybody is taking them as a sure win. LSU and KY certainly are not.

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Yes I watched both games

LSU has stoped the bleeding and came together as a team

I hope it’s cold as a brass bra when they come to the hill in Nov - LSU doesn’t play well in the cold

Mizzou - dang - they look capable they had 50+ more offensive plays than UK

Yup it’s never easy in the SEC

So we got some wins - we got these tough games - Bama and UF are the two games we play the team and Birmingham too on the same field

But I was sure hoping LSU and Mizzo would be easier

UTenn - looking like a good Arkansas team can handle them as long as injuries dont kill us

well - its the SEC I just wish all Ark had to play was against the team not the Refs and Birmingham incompetence too

I would guess the MO game will be the only one where we get an even shake from the SEC. They don’t care about either of us. We are suppose to know our place as schedule fillers and breathers for the real league.

I agree with you on LSU, they are fixing things and once the defense gets it together, they will be hard to beat. Sooooo much talent on that team! QB’s go about 4 deep.

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Came on here to post my exact thoughts on LSU and Mizzou…Glad I wasn’t the only one seeing that…

wow Bluegrass, you have lost almost all your pastoral intonations.

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Missouri defense is very very quick and can present problems for an offense struggling like ours, hopefully by then we can have some balance and can put some points on the board but they play extremely hard.

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Kentucky was one dimensional, all run and no real passing game similar to some of our Nutt teams years ago. All Mizzou had to do was to stack the line and stop the run. Hopefully we are multi-dimensional and more polished by the time we play them.

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Odom will have something up his sleeve for that one. I’m sure he had that one “circled.”

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The goal for Missouri will be to stop the run and protect the passer. You do those two things and you can beat Missouri. Kentucky could do neither one.

LSU cannot stop the pass. The throw into the flat by the Colorado State transfer was a poor decision, one of the worst I’ve seen.

Those two games will be about who has some players left. It’s really tough to look too far into the future in this season. Two things are unclear: who will be healthy and who will dodge Covid-19 testing issues.

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You’re right Clay, no telling what happens with Covid for sure. An asterisks season for sure. Do we even know if Florida will even play next week?

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I take that as a compliment - TYSM - I was a Army Tanker in my first life and you know the unofficial motto of Armor - The Mounted Arm of Decision - “Brute Force and Ignorance”

I get thatw ay at times :slight_smile:

Well said - Who has troops still standing is Key yes

Well, Florida has 25 players down with Covid. Don’t know how deep that goes relative to how deep it would go with us. I assume they have more depth. So, if Alabama loses a bunch of players, their second string is still as talented with 4 stars that our first string. But…these are new times and it looks like our sage, Sam Pittman, can get the most out of our players, 3 star or 5 star or what.

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