Missouri getting pounded

Didn’t see that coming. They ended their season with a whimper after edging us.

I think that is very good news

Miss State won 51-32. And Ole Piss in a fight in Baton Rouge. This just makes our losses to LSWho and Mizzeeew even more aggravating.

Yes it does! We just didn’t have the OC feel good enough to risk anything and called the game at winning time not to get beat inside of going for the win.
The bad call in the Auburn game doesn’t exist with a Hogs first down.
The same can be said about the LSU game. Control the game with the ball at winning time and the lead.

I think we are placing too much on the Missouri loss.

The Covid issues really affected our team from LSU on. Not surprisingly, the side with the least depth - defense - was most affected.

And look at the way it played out.

Missouri did not have a game between 10/31-11/21. They then played South Carolina and Vanderbilt to tune up before us.

Arkansas, on the other hand, played Tennessee and Florida during that time, before being slammed by Covid for the LSU game on 11/21.

We simply were not the same from LSU onward.

It might be a tired “excuse,” but it’s real. And this in addition to depth issues that already existed on this roster.

So in my opinion, that Missouri loss did not say much about our program and where it is going, besides the depth issues we already knew about.


Your right about the defense having players out because of Covid issues for Missouri and LSU. That’s a valid point.
Added this recruiting class will help with depth. A lot of young players gained experience this season and the hogs showed fight and competed.

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It’s not just that you don’t have the players for games when they are in quarantine. You don’t have enough to practice either. Crazy season. Coaches are all glad it’s over.

We tied for last in the SEC West with Mississippi State, but we had a year which was better than most of us thought is might be. Winning 3 games doesn’t appear to be much, but it was. We lost some very disappointing games, but the future looks much brighter than it did a year ago.

We had a chance to win 5-6 games this year and the recruiting was Top 20, so things are looking up. One day at a time.

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