Missouri gets tcu qb?

He has to sit a year. But Bryant then this guy. Missouri cleaning clocks w qb transfers.

geez!! that kid is very good!!

That gives Missouri 1 QB transfer last year and 2 QB transfers this year. And the one QB that sat out this year is not real happy. I wonder if he expected to sit out this year and beyond. Maybe he hits the road again.

Surely, Taylor Powell cannot be happy. He may be looking to jump ship.

Begs the question, do you build from the most important skill position or from the trenches? Missouri has done well with quarterbacks in the last few years.

Hate that for Taylor.

I know he is up for the challenge, but surely he has to consider the circumstances now.

I understand you but kid seems to be a turnover machine…in the Big 12…wonder what he’ll do in the SEC?

Dudley do you think that at this point Taylor’s best option might be to play at a JUCO next year?

I’ll probably see his dad tonight.

Interested to talk to him.

great athlete but very spotty accuracy. Patterson got awfully frustrated given the talent they have at WR there.

Saw him play several times while he was at Denton Guyer before he transferred (again) to I believe DeSoto. I think he transferred to Guyer from another smaller High School (Blue Mound in Fort Worth) before that but not 100%. Anyway, transferring and staying put seems to be a problem with him. I think he got into some issues at TCU as well. Either way, not that he isn’t good but really wasn’t that impressed with him during High School (only looked at 1 read/progression and took off running a lot of times). Wasn’t that impressed with him while at TCU and have some good friends who are season ticket holders that got very frustrated with him. We shall see how he turns out.

I’d bet on Taylor Powell when the dust settles. Of course, it will probably be Kelly Bryant next season.

The Powells are not happy with this development, but no plans to fly the coop yet.

Any reason to think AR would be interested if he “flies the coop”?

I guess I would say that there are a ton of quarterbacks here and they may add another, but I don’t think it would be one that had to sit out.