Missouri fires Odom

I hope Yurachek has his guy.

He does

Must have been fired because Missouri did not cover the spread yesterday.:slightly_smiling_face:

The search is over?

He has his guy now or we’re screwed.

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Missouri will be calling Josh Heupel.

Yes…believe you are correct.

Mizzou will be at lower third of SEC salary levels for replacement (athletic budget in red and end zone expansion on the docket now ) and that might not appeal to Josh Heupel but he has history there.

Odom was good fit for Mizzou and third winningest coach there. Mizzou wants offense to sell tickets it seems.

Maybe Arkansas should call Odom. He knows how to recruit Arkansas kids and got them to play for him.

I thought of that yesterday when the two Arkansas connections hooked up for the touchdown. Odom is a solid defensive coach and his players like him

I think they are ripe to fall into the same type of mistake we made, overlooking the fact that regardless of style, you have to play big boy football in the SEC. Not saying Odom was great, but his team played physical football. Seemed a high powered offensive coordinator would have been a priority over a new head coach. Their quarterback issues were a big part of their problem, if I remember correctly when their quarterback play was good, they competed pretty well.

Mizzou came into the SEC at a time of general turmoil, which gave the fans a distorted view of the strength of the conference and inflated their expectations for the future. You have to expect that Tennessee will not be as bad as they have been over the past years for long. Kentucky has experienced an unusual power surge in football. Even Vanderbilt has shown that it can be competetive at times. Mizzou fans should learn to be satisfied with becoming bowl eligible. If they actually get to the SEC championship game, they should be ecstatic. It will be rare.

They can’t go to a bowl due to NCAA sanctions due to academic fraud a few years ago. They also are on reduced scholarships for a couple years, AND if OC Dooley is not retained he is owed 2.1M and their DC would be owed about 1.2M. Even though they have made improvements to their facilities they are still not up to SEC standards. Football Scoop said they are going to be limited as to who they can afford! We do not have that problem, BUT obviously we have tremendous problems in players especially at QB. Whoever the new coach at UA is, there first stop should be at Moriliton to get their QB to flip from NC to UA!

Hope new coach hires him to be their defensive coordinator. Man was dc for fuente at Memphis. I think had beet hired Odom instead of rob smith he might still be consuming Tito’s on the hill

Fuente and Odom reunited in Fayetteville? And wasn’t Norvell the OC?

No norvell is Todd graham. Norvell was wr coach under Morris at Tulsa ironically.

Darrell Dickey the oc at a&m was fuente oc at Memphis

Don’t know how he handles his business on a daily basis, but I was very impressed with how Coach Odom handled himself yesterday at his press conference when he knew the end might be near.

So Fuente HC, Odom DC, Dickie OC, Shibest special teams, Lunney TEs and recruiting coordinator?
On the Hill next year?

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I wouldn’t keep lunney. Honestly you ask Jeff traylor and Steve Caldwell to stay if they fit new coach. Also allow Justin stepp to interview.

Traylor to help recruit Texas. Caldwell? Stepp -receivers and recruiting.
Strength and Conditioning will be HUGE.