Missouri beats TCU

I expected TCU to win easily, but MU won 9-8 in 10 innings. SEC went 6=3 in the tournament. Texas 0-3, TCU 2-1, OSU 1-2. All SEC teams went 2-1

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That’s good news. I think our hogs had chances early to make the plays to keep TCU off the scoreboard but it didn’t happen. Once the wheels got rolling south they never were able to recover and it happens! Proud to see Missouri beat TCU.

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That is about right. The little 12 or whatever they are has good baseball, but the SEC has great baseball, hence 6-3. Really hate seeing texass start off at 0-3. I think I will just cry. I wondering if they realize yet what that light at the end of the tunnel really is?


I was paying attention of that and TCU had to get a two out 2 run hit just to tie it in the 9 the… Missouri is a much improved baseball team and they will just be another of the long line of great teams in the SEC that’s why once we get into postseason we don’t have to fear anybody. I’ll take my chances with Hagan Smith or Hollan on the mount against TCU

Remember Stanford blistered our butt in Round Rock last year and we thrashed them in Omaha. It’s a long season.

Interesting Hoops game in Ft Worth tonite, don’t look now but the Frogs are a POWER in all the major sports. I don’t know how they rank on the OVERALL rankings, maybe Swine can fill us in.

Well I found my bookmark, too early for '23 but last year TCU finished 95th in the Directors Cup Standings. Hogs were 8th.

I don’t know where you got 95th. TCU finished 40th.

And as of the January 12 update, which includes the loss in the NCG, TCU is 25th this year. We’re 11th.

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Got to love baseball, hero then bum in less than 24 hours. Then the bum turns hero.

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I bookmarked it, must have included the date at the time. Yeah, not something I’m up to date on.

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