Missouri basketball

On the SEC Now recap show last night, Dayemon Fishback and Patrick Young labeled Missouri basketball as Nolan Richardson basketball. The reference was to how Missouri treats missed FGs as turnovers and pushes the ball down the court and shoots before defense gets set. And also how they do the same after made baskets, Not quite the Oliver Miller full court inbounds pass to a streaking Todd Day, but they push it down the court fast. They sure made Kentucky rush their shots like Nolan used to.

Having said that, Missouri will be in for a shock facing Razorbacks and Muss, who would have scouted Missouri thoroughly.

I watched a little of that game during bowl lulls and the only Kentucky guy who seemed comfortable pushing up the court off of missed shots was Wheeler, which was surprising.

I agree with this. First, they’ll be playing at the Bud. Second, I didn’t understand at first why AB wasn’t bringing up the ball on offense, until I heard that he was playing as very sick. If he’s back to full health, our back court is entirely different.

Frankly, I thought our team played timidly during the first half at LSU. If the other team is rough, we need to be rough. 0-13 from 3 range in the first half – that’s the result of lazy, er non-tough, offense. I bet Muss is really working on that.