Missouri @ Arkansas

Bailey hustled to get on the floor but Sills got his hands on the ball to get it loose. Sills needs to be aggressive

No more 3’s unless they’re wide open.

We’re doing well, but we need another 8-10 point run to make Mizzou play catch up.

Plus, their 2 top scorers are in foul trouble, so exploit it.

Jones needs to use his teammates more.

The hogs need to take good shots period. Get the ball moving and go to the hole! Horrible shots these last few possessions.

Lunardi thinks we have a good chance to make the tournament. Interesting.

Attack the rim!

They are in major foul trouble, stop jump shooting.

Yes! They sure can’t play from the bench with 5 fouls. They have several on the floor with 4 fouls.
It was nice to see Desi Knick down the 3! Then Bailey gets called for his 4th foul on what looked like a clean block.

Where is Chaney?

He was playing ok and we need big time now.

Control the silly fouls and work for good shots should give us a good chance to close this out.

Jones misses a layup and Harris fouls so here we go! Back to the charity stripe for Missouri.

No charge?

In typical fashion Jones keeps the ball instead of passing to a wide open Joe and we end up with nothing.

Jones needs to stop trying to get his points.

He’s pressing and it’s causing problems for the team.

Four in double figures. Nice to see. Gotta close it out now.

Desi has had a good game…

Jones has had Joe wide open and he just failed to pass him the ball! Whitt has done the same thing. We need stops. Stop fouling.
On our offensive end Sills was bumped on his hook shot and no call but at least he made it.

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Run the offense through Joe, Sills, and Whitt.

Use Jones as a decoy unless open.

Nope it’s darn hero ball by Jones!
Well with Joe making a 3 and Sills there with his 3 it may be enough.
A 8 point lead with 1:27 might get it done.

It’s a 3 possession game. Play smart and don’t rush.

Desi has been huge.

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