Missouri @ Arkansas

Well I’m just a few minutes we will all know if Joe is going to be able to play! The hogs need a win! Maybe they can break out of the slump today.

Joe started. We’ll see how long and well he can play.

I just hope they don’t push him! One things for sure you can’t win when you keep giving up layups!

Chaney struggles down low on offense.

If you want to talk about someone struggling look at Harris and his darn turnovers.

Officials are letting them play, for now.

Mizzou is just making everything they throw up no matter how ugly.

Defense has been horrible. Way too easy.

Arkansas is playing bunched up on both sides and making it easy for Mizzou.

And nobody is going to rebounds.

It won’t matter as long as it continues to be a Harris and Whitt Show.
Whitt has Joe wide open and drive the ball for a shot. The only time Joe has been open this game. Sills has passed up a couple of wide open shots. But Whitt is forcing shots. The ball movement stinks that’s putting it mildly!
There’s no reason for Joe or Jones to be on the floor with Harris handling the ball and Whitt taking all the shots.
I was glad to see Harris take a seat d

You spoke to soon about letting them play! Pinson caused the contact and got the foul called.
Now if you want to see a flop that charge call on Mason Jones was weak!

Nobody is even trying to get a rebound.

Bad foul call on Jones because the defender slid under him after he was already making a basketball move.

Low scoring game is what Misery wants…

I still can’t believe how bad the hogs can look to start a game! Rebounding the darn ball ends a defensive possession make an effort to get the darn ball! Stop the straight line drive to the hole and Missouri won’t be making all of those layups. The wide open 3’s we’ve allowed are a concern too! Play some defense!

As bad as we played, to be up 2 is a shock.

Blink and we’re back down by 6!
This team used to get over the hump and come from behind by playing great defense. Now, they get close, but defense isn’t what it used to be and they can’t get over the hump and get the lead.
Hoping they can do it today!!
AND THERE WE GO! Got the lead for a brief time anyway. Great to have Joe back!

We are a different team with Joe. Says Captain Obvious…

Joe’s hit shooting and Jones in foul trouble especially on the phantom call that was his 3rd! We just need to play solid defense without fouling and run our offense. The lead is nice but it’s not safe.

Totally phantom call on Jones…

Running offense there Sills passed up an open 3 and Harris puts up a knuckle ball and missed.
Now we keep fouling Pinson on a brick he puts up!

Great effort, Bailey!!
He’s a much different player this year!!