Missouri and Auburn

Missouri played Kansas competitively today even with Porter shooting 6-20. Led at halftime and lost 93-87.

In talking to some Auburn beat guys this weekend, it sounds like there’s a very good chance Austin Wiley and another player (potentially Mustafa Heron) won’t wind up being able to play this year. Obviously that would be a huge blow if it wound up happening and you’d think it’d put Pearl in jeopardy.

The parents of those 2 players have received cash. Auburn identified that 2 weeks ago and have done nothing. They are still on the team.
Even Louisville sent thier pay to play player down the road. Auburn is attempting to play those kids.
Pearl can’t spell the truth or speak the truth.

Yea, I’m not sure what’s going on with Auburn. Looks like they are going to try every possible way to let those guys play, but chances look very slim. Pearl is in big trouble.

The Auburn guys said the local media is 99 percent sure their info is right, but the FBI being involved has kept any outlet from reporting it.

Mr Carter isn’t a lack of institional comtrol or a disregard for the rules for Auburn to allow those 2 kids to continue even taking part in team activities since they have knowledge of the cash to play?

From the way it sounds, Auburn’s season may be in jeopardy of taking a serious hit. If/when those 2 go out, that’s crippling. Not to mention whatever happens with Pearl.