Mississippi TV reporting

That Laney Boy is resigning this weekend to take the Auburn job.


That was all over Twitter on Friday. Guess we will see

Will Ole Miss bring back Hugh Freeze?

Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them give Bro. Hugh a second chance.

Kiffin refuted that by saying “that was news to him Jon”…nice sources. So we will see

Bruce James says his MS contacts say Gus Malzahn will be the next Ole Miss Coach if Kiffin leaves.

Uninspiring hire if true.

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Fine with me. Mulzahn is as detestable as Ola Ms. Auburn and OlaMs may be joined at the hip, like two quarreling teen brothers. If that rumor proves true, it will only turn up the heat of enmity a bit more.

Lane is counterattacking

(1) Lane Kiffin (@Lane_Kiffin) / Twitter

Just following his latest mentor…

Yup, Nick wasn’t leaving until he was. So we shall see. Thus the popcorn in my OP.

With the Coaching changes coming up, This maybe a great opportunity to pick up a couple of transfers in key positions. Hope Sam and the staff has a contact list ready.

Kids can’t officially enter the portal until Dec. 5, the day after the CFP teams are selected. I’m sure there has been some people already spreading the word on kids who will hit the portal that day, but that’s when the floodgates open.

I’ll be totally shocked if Kiffin does not leave for Auburn. Kiffin is a chronic ladder climber. Not a builder. And, in his heart of hearts, I think Saban still owns his actions. He wants to beat Nick more than life itself.

Auburn is a historically great program. But we all know who controls that program. I am not sure Laney will be better off. But he is gone IMO.

And good riddance…Auburn is gonna wind up being good over the long haul no matter what…Ole Miss not so much. Let OM fall back to mediocrity I say…

Dan Mullen to OM.

Auburn (to me) is a good program. Not great. They are ranked #6 in all time winning % (Hogs are 8th). Lots of potential but not great IMO.

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He’d be much wiser to stay it Ole Miss because all he’s got to worry about doing is beating Mississippi State he takes the Auburn job he’s going to be expected to beat Alabama and that’s not going to happen but the Auburn people are not going to understand that that’s why they keep having to replace a coach every three or four years…

At Auby - NOT ONLY do they want you to beat Bama, they sure as heck want to win their share regularly against UGA. The heat in the fanbase is that they want to beat both of them a fair amount no matter the decade, no matter the circumstances. And they darn sure will make the resources available to help.

Right Auburn has totally unrealistic expectations Ole Miss does not have that. The fans understand they don’t really have a talent to win the championship.
We will see what happens …I kind of think he stays at Ole Miss.

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Much better than having him at the Aggie helm. He definite has a lot more rope where he is than he would have at Auburn. Neither of those schools come close to the resources that the Aggies have to offer.